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Mar 18, 2009 08:33 AM

Restaurant Patio/Tea Suggestions

I'm planning a baby shower in the DC/NOVA/MD area and am in URGENT need to solidify a location as soon as possible. There will be about 40 people in attendance and it'll be held on a Saturday during the afternoon timeframe.

I'm seeking a nice restaurant that can host 40 people on an outside patio/garden area or in a nice private dining room. It's my intent for the shower to be a tea, so I'd prefer a nice outside location with a great lunch/brunch menu (somewhere that will serve more than finger sandwiches). My budget is roughly $800.

If you've dined somewhere or held an event similiar to this one please send me the location. I've searched most of the boutique hotels and tea rooms, but I haven't found anything that can accomodate 40 people or my budget.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!!!!

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  1. Ack, thats probably about how many people Natalia's Elegant Creations in Falls Church can hold total, but they do high tea...and maybe she can let you guys have the place for a private event. not sure.

    I wrote about them on at some point.


    1. You might check with the Tea Cellar (Park Hyatt, Washington, DC). I've only had tea indoors there, but they do have a large (and lovely) patio area w/ a gorgeous fountain where I've had dinner (Blue Duck Tavern Restaurant). For tea, the food selection may be limited (they do made-to-order finger sandwiches) and have a dessert bar, but maybe they can put together something special for you.

      Park Hyatt Washington
      24 And M Streets, Nw Washington, DC

      1. You might check with the Tabard Inn they do lots of special events there, and it is't normally super expensive. I

        f you can travel a little 2941 might accommodate you and their spaces while not outside are lovely.

        I would also call Proof, they do events on their patio.

        Also a tea is also pretty easy to prepare for, a lot of condo buildings have really pretty private spaces, maybe someone on the party list might suggest theirs? Just because your budget is fairly tight for that many people.