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Mar 18, 2009 08:27 AM

Suggestions for Williamsburg

I'm going to dinner with a group of girlfriends at Marlow and Sons. We've never really ventured out in Williamsburg before, is there any place that is a must go-to for dessert? Fun bars in the area that aren't too young? (We're late late 20s/early 30s)

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  1. In that immediate area there's not a ton. However, I love going over to Dressler (Broadway near Driggs) and having drinks and dessert at the bar. Depending on which night, that could be good.

    Otherwise, if you feel like venturing toward the 'epicenter' of Williamsburg, I would suggest drinks at Hotel Delmano (Berry an N9) and vegan dessert at Penny Licks on Bedford btwn N8 & 9

    1. Desserts (and drinks) are not a weak point for Marlow&Sons, I would not hurry away to try another places offerings.

      That said, Barcade could be considered fun, full of quarter video games from your youth. Not exactly in the area however. Getting there would require a car ride or approx mile walk.

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        I would check out Iona, Savalas (for music) or Zablonskis