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Mar 18, 2009 08:19 AM

Rocky Mountain Oysters

The subject has come up now and again. Today's the NYTimes has a feature about them. See

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  1. Another way to cook them is to place them in the metal part of a shovel and place that on the coals of the fire that is heating up the branding irons. All the festivals the article referred to in Virginia City are great fun. Camel races especially - those are ornery critters and boy, can they spit! They ride and race ostriches also.

    1. i remember when I was young, growing up in Littleton, Colorado. there was a great place called the Hungry Dutchman that served Sunday brunches. I was in high school and had just found out about the Rocky Mountain oysters when lo and behold, I go to the buffet, there is a pot of Rocky Mountain oysters stewed in a tomato sauce on a chafing dish.

      I stayed away, but saw my mom go:" Oh look, they have oysters." Talk about your dilemmas.

      1. My father-in-law talked about a plate of 'Rooster fries' he had in Florida once....He also more recently bought a 'sack' of them from Polyface Farms in VA, presumably cows. I par-boiled them, took the outer skin off, cut them in half length-wise, standard breading procedure, and pan fried'em.Tasted JUST like chicken fried steak, no kidding. We fondly muse about our 'Testicle Festival'....they were darn tasty.

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          hey, Andrew Zimmern has made a career out of eating testicles.