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Mar 18, 2009 08:09 AM

Kabobs in NOVA

Hi Everyone-
I come from a very Kabob loving family. My family and I frequently visit Food Corner (Alexandria), Afghan Kabob (Springfield), and though I havent been in years, Kabob Palace (Crystal City). I would like for us to try some other places so I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on places such as Flame Kabob (Springfield), King Kabob (Springfield--how is thier buffet) or any other places. Also, I like places where a vegetable side comes with your kabob, rather it being an extra charge.


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  1. Similar to KPalace is Charcoal kabob in Herndon.

    Reston Kabob is really good, but a bit different - sides are really only there at a lunch buffet. It's hard sometimes to decide between these two.

    Shamshiry for a different type of experience altogether. Persian with quite a few kabob meats available as well as good rice offerings.

    Closer in is the one on Glebe of which I'm forgetting the name. At Pershing. There were two locations, similar to KPalace's setup. In the same vein as KPalace and Charcoal Kabob.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      Dennis - that would be Ravi Kabob! Great food.

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        Thanks! And I've only been to the one on the East side of Glebe - the original one. For the OP - the one on the West side of Glebe is akin to the sit down version of KPalace, though I understand the difference between the two is less than the diff btwn the two KPalaces.

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          I haven't found any difference in quality between the two places. Go to the one on the SW corner if you want to sit and eat; go to the one on the NE corner if you want takeout. I think he kept both places because the newer location doesn't have a big enough kitchen to handle both the eat-in and take-out orders.

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            I have been a Ravi Kabob fan for some time, but I had my first so-so experience yesterday at the SW one. I got the chicken kabob which was outstanding as usual, but my friend got the lamb chops, and they were kind of ripped up looking and though they were good, (I stole one) they weren't as good. The guy that runs the place is still great, the Chole was pretty good, but again, not as great as I remember. So two of the items we got were a bit less than great and one was still outstanding. I would probably say that they earned 4 stars instead of 5. I will be back soon, and I hope the food is back to being great. Thai Square is way off their game, and I would hate to be disappointed by a second of my favorites so soon.

            1. re: DanielK

              I usually get mine to go, but I call ahead to the new (SW) location to get it because it's easier to park.

      2. Just had lunch at Flame Kabob in Springfield, a little hole in the wall at Commerce and Amherst. I had the Kabob II platter (one lamb, one kubideh, salad, rice, chickpeas, a big slab of fresh bread). Lots of food for $9 and good flavor. It's nice to have a kabob place where the spicing isn't limited to just levels of heat. They use some fragrant aromatics in the kubideh; the lamb was tender, and the bread was fresh and tasty. The chickpeas were not as spicy as I like, but still were pretty flavorful. The real find was the green dipping sauce; I tasted cilantro, mint, some cucumber and lemon. It had a nice bright flavor that went well with the richness of the meat. They also offer bone-in as well as the usual boneless chicken kabobs, and everything's halal.

        1. In Backlick Plaza, across from the Outback Steakhouse and Toyko in is a little place called King of Kebabs that I like for kebabs and freshly ordered items. They come as a platter. Pass on the buffet. It's half way down the strip mall on the left.

          1. Apparently, Amoo's in Mclean is the best. I live in Springfield also, but work in Mclean and eat there frequently. Afghan Kabob is one of my favorites, (and there are different cuisines -- afghan, persian) but Amoo's is just better. Amoo's is Persian, so the bread is thin and not naan, but their rices are unbelievable, honestly (the Shirin and Zereshk rule.) I've read reviews by Persians who say the kabobs are better than any they've had on the east or the west coast, or even within Iran. They're Zagat's rated, with Washingtonian and other magazine articles framed everywhere, and all that.

            Since you guys are kabob are lovers, let me know how you think they measure up.

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            1. re: Russel Shank

              Amoo's is the same family as Shamshiry which I have long felt was the D. C. area's best Persian restaurant. Several of the rice dishes are very similar. Recently, there have been a number of critical posts about Shamshiry including several whose "opinions I know and trust." Still, Amoo's based on a half dozen personal visits over the last four or five years is genuinely excellent. I would suggest that Rose in Vienna may be a bit better overall and, as noted above, Ravi Kabob, is outstanding also.

              Russel_Shank try Rose and please post your thoughts on here.

              1. re: Russel Shank

                FYI: "nan" is merely the Persian word for "bread" (also borrowed into Indian). So it is in fact "nan" (pronounced "noon" :) )

              2. Flame Kabob in Springfield was solid; nothing about it seemingly blew my mind, but both lamb and kubideh were cooked properly.

                Regarding Amoo's...had a lunch there. Meh. Kubideh was disappointing...was evident that too much baking soda was utilized in the creation of the kabob, as it was puffed up a bit 'too' much and was slightly spongy. Bland spicing, as well.

                Ravi Kabob is EXCELLENT; if anything, go for their chickpea curry side dish.

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                  ravi kabob's chickpea side dish *is* the best.