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May 24, 2004 04:46 PM

Breakfast/Dinner from Sunland to La Crescenta?

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I am going to find myself in Tujunga over Memorial weekend and am looking for dining suggestions that are east of the 210 from about Sunland to La Crescenta.

Not looking for anything special (although would like to hear about anything that is!) but looking for the type of place a chowhound might go for a quiet weekday dinner when too tired to cook. Not upscale, not drive-through. Any ethnicity.

Breakfast options with great omelets also gratefully accepted.


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  1. I don't know the Sunland area at all so I can't help you the La Crescenta/Montrose area is another story. For breakfast, Jeremy's is a great little hole in the wall type of place at the corner of Honolulu and Ramsell. They also have lunch and dinner but we usually go there for breakfast. For more upscale dining, I recommend Bistro Verdu for french bistro food (do a search on this place and you will find the address for it) and for great italian, go to:

    Divina Cucina
    3730 Verdugo Rd, Montrose, CA
    Phone: (818) 248-3077

    Zeke's (also can find address for this on Chowhound) is another recommended well as La Cabanita.

    1. I'd recommend Black Cow for breakfast. Hearty portions, very clean and very tasty food. The prices are good too. Service may be slow depending on how crowded it is but overall its a good place for breakfast. Here's the address. By the way, Divina Cucina is the best Italian food in the Glendale Pasadena area for its price. Highly recommend it.

      Black Cow
      2219 Honolulu Ave., Montrose, CA 91020
      Cuisine: California Kitchen

      1. As a local, we often do breakfast at Black Cow in Montrose on Honolulu, or it's sister restaurant next door, the Star Cafe. I think they're a little expensive for the portions, but the quality is excellent, leaning a little toward trendy fusion style.

        Also in Montrose, there is a great Cuban restaurant, Havana Beach Cafe, and I must agree that Divina Cucina is very very good, but upscale (They have the best Spinach & goat cheese salad!). We like Zeke's...especially the hushpuppies! but their sauces are a little oversweet for me. I have been told that Sushi Monster on Honolulu is very good, though I haven't been myself. We usually go to Momotaro in Glendale.

        Another good Italian restaurant on the hill is LeBetulle, on Foothill. They are a little less expensive than Divina, and still very good. We especially like the baked ziti.

        The best Mexican sit-down restaurant is Joselito's West. Don't go to Joselito's on Honolulu, they're not nearly as good. At Joselito's West (on Foothill), they have a great wait-staff, the food is good, the portions are very generous, and they'll happily alter orders to your request.

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          love tortas mexico in tujunga on foothill blvd. its right next to the in'n out. the machaca and al pastor tortas are delicious. they even have a spit!

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            I second the motion! They are our favourite delivery dinner. We really love Tortas, don't know how they slipped my mind. They even delivered to us in the emergency room! We love the lengua burrito and the shredded beef. Their flavors are like those I found in "mom & pop" restaurants in Mexico...don't know what you call it, Campesino? In addition to great food:..they also do fabulous milkshakes! I love the peanut butter milk shake as a rare treat!

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              I just went to dinner there tonight! It was is one of my mom's favorite places and my husband said the al pastor was delicious!

          2. Sunland and Tujunga are woefully thin on decent food options. Joselito's is okay but has never wowed me, but Mi Casita on Foothill in Sunland usually does us well. Sweet Cherries on Foothill in Sunland offers perfectly acceptable diner fare/comfort food (love their homemade chili), but it can be hard to catch them for dinner since they tend to close early when it's slow. Al Read's BBQ place has beckoned to me for years although I've never had the guts to try it. I'm intrigued by the recommendations here for Tortas, so I think I'll give that a go myself sometime soon.

            There are a ton of good food options in Montrose. The standouts here are Divina Cucina and Bistro Verdu ( and Verdu will hit your wallet harder than anything else in Montrose, but worth every penny. It's tiny, so on weekends, make sure you have a reservation. Worth noting - Verdu's corkage is only $5, and they're right next door to Rosso wine shop (, which has a reasonable selection of Cal, French, Italian, and Spanish wines (they're relatively new and still growing their inventory. The owner, Jeff, is usually there and helpful with recommendations). Divina is our sentimental favorite, but they recently underwent substantial remodeling and I don't know if they're back to 100% yet (anybody know?). Also Black Cow and Star Cafe, although they tend to be mobbed on weekends, especially BC. Sushi Manster (pronounced monster) on Honolulu is a nice little neighborhood-y sushi place that does the basic things well enough to keep pulling us back (Blue Fin sushi is also on Honolulu, but I had a fairly miserable experience there). There's also El Charro for Mexican, which has somewhat common-denominator fare although it is a guilty pleasure (fresh chips, and love that chicken fajita burrito), but I've heard great things about La Cabanita too. You can get Chinese at New Moon, but their menu is hit and miss. Far more casual - and small - is Gourmet A Go Go (again on Honolulu) which boasts "fresh fast food" with some tasty panini, deli-style salads, and daily specials ( Yet again on Honolulu are a Pho place and an Asian fusion place, although their names escape me. I've had decent meals at both, but without names I guess that isn't very helpful.

            A special shout-out goes to Dish (, a bit further down Foothill in La Canada, which specializes in classic American food. Tasty stuff, especially their breakfast.

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              El Charro is my very favorite "faux" Mexican restaurant! Incredible ground beef tacos (I don't think I have EVER had anything else there).

              I think Divina Cucina is still remodelling...are they open during the remodel? It looks like they are adding a second story?

              Also, New Moon is supposed to be very good for Chinese.

              I also like Dish, but they have the s-l-o-w-e-s-t service ever!

              **Also, I know this thread is 2 years old, but just adding a fresh update to it :)

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                Please keep updating! I make this trek every Memorial weekend and so was back checking on what was new.