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Mar 18, 2009 07:06 AM

Recommendations please for good deli (after 3:00 PM) in Cincinnati

Hi there,
We have to be in Cincinnati again this afternoon and evening. We have not been able to find a good deli serving after 3:00 PM. We missed corned beef for St. Patrick's day yesterday and we need to make up for that! Does anyone know where to find great corned beef in Cincinnati? We can go just about anywhere in that city. Thanks so much! Karen

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  1. Try the Dilly Deli:

    They also have live music on Fri/Sat nights.

    1. Izzy's is great as well - multiple locations around town.

      1. I second Izzy's as well, their corned beef and swiss is excellent. Be aware though, that their potato pancake is a mashed potato cake deep-fried, not shredded potatoes the way latkes are made. The reason I mentioned this is because the pancakes come with most of the items unless you ask for something else.

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          Yeah, I found the potato pancake to be a grease sponge. I didn't really think it to be all that tasty.