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Mar 18, 2009 07:06 AM

Sushi only Not Hibachi too

Seems that Kazu is closed! Need a good place for sushi, but don't want the hibachi atmosphere - something similar to Kazu - small and serving only sushi.....monmouth or ocean county

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  1. Not familiar with Kazu but have been enjoying very good sushi at Aki Sushi on Route 36 in Port Monmouth. Small place, no hibachi.

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    1. re: dani0622

      A second vote for Aki. The owner is very choosy and meticulous. Very good fresh fish, well prepared. It's a small place, dark and quiet, with a black granite bar.

      They are in the Foodtown strip mall on RT 36 in Port Monmouth.

      Aki Sushi
      436 State Route 36, Port Monmouth, NJ

    2. Nobi in toms river is sushi only and very good

      1. is Kazu closed for good? It was on my list of places to try...

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