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Mar 18, 2009 06:32 AM


I have been to the Brothers, which I like quite a bit. I will be spending a little bit of time in St Paul today, so any ideas for both Mpls and St Paul would be appreciated. Mort's is too far out! I'm sure this will be a fun topic!

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  1. My caveat is that I haven't had too many of the pastrami sandwiches around town, but of the ones I've had, BeWiched takes the cake. Man, I love those things. They house brine the meat, and the sandwich is wonderfully composed with cabbage and spicy mustard. The rye its on is terrific.

    The only real consistent complaint I have heard about the sandwich is that it isn't a "hot" pastrami sandwich - the meat is room temp. I guess I was never expecting the meat to be hot (although I have had sandwiches that way, and they are good) but the flavors are just so wonderful in that sandwich, that I don't care what temp it is.

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      I agree with pgokey on BeWiched; the bread is thin and soft, the mustard is sinus-clearingly spicy and the pastrami is outstanding (though a bit milder than I would prefer).

      Surdyk's sometimes has a pastrami on rye as well, and it very reminiscent of BeWiched's version, (cabbage salad, seeded rye) but without the great mustard.

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        I'll third Be'Wiched, since their Pastrami is one of the best food items of any kind in the cities.

        Beyond the great ingredients, I was struck by the balance and placement. Every bite strikes the same chord, which is a rarity in even the best sandwiches.

    2. Be'Wiched.

      One warning...if you don't like horseradish spicy, have them tone it down. The first bite of my sandwich the other day almost launched me out of my car onto Nicollet Mall. I'm not sure if it was just the assembler that day or if they've generally stepped it up, but it was much more potent than usual.

      1. Morts is only minutes away from minneapolis... just down 55 basically from Be'Wiched (around 5 minutes).

        I lost out on Be'wiched i guess... when i was there the bread was stale, meat was dry and it was all around an absolutely terrible sandwich, so bad i couldnt even finish -however the flavor was spot on. But i hear great things, i think i need to go back.

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          That's funny. You pretty much described my experience with Mort's pastrami on rye, except that the flavor wasn't even good. I guess it goes to show how elusive a good pastrami sandwich is in this town.

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            Mort's pastrami is inedible. It's so dry, little flakes fall out of the sandwich -- and little flakes is about all there is.

          2. Yup, Be'Wiched. Best sandwich in the entire TC for that matter. Except when Be'wiched does their short rib and taleggio sandwich. Then that's the best. If they would only decide to do an eggplant parm...

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              Morts pastrami from the Carnegi deli is the best in town. The Brothers is second. Nothing else is that good. Cecils is too lean. Pastrami jacks is so. The only problem with Morts is the bread is not great but the hot pastrami rocks.

            2. adding to the chorus of be'witched. . .

              but-- i also had a very good pastrami sandwich at nick & eddies once, though i don't think that's it's a regular menu item. i was bummed when i went back a week later, craving the sandwich, and it was gone!!! if you spot the elusive pastrami at n&e's, grab it while you can.