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Mar 18, 2009 06:01 AM

Dinner on Dad

My family cat of 13 years is being put to sleep today. While I am pretty broken up about it, my dad made an offer I couldn't refuse.

He lives in San Francisco with my brothers, while I am out in DC. They are going out to dinner to celebrate Tiger's life and my dad suggested I do the same, here in DC, with my fiancee. Send him the bill.

So, the question is: Where should we go?

Despite the fact that he is paying, I don't want to go completely crazy with a trip to Citronelle or Minibar. Maybe more like $100 for the two of us(?)

I think I might like to do sushi (as I'm sure Tiger would have liked, as well), but am open to other suggestions.

Thank you!

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  1. I love Proof... fun night out w/ good food in your price range.
    Sorry about your cat...

    1. My cat was Tigger :( Sorry for you lose, Central you should be able to do for two for about $50 per person. The rabbit is excellent, so are the shortribs, the chicken and lobster burger, the desserts are all great (the banana split is huge like enough for 3 people). There isn't too much I have had there that I didn't like.

      If you have been there, then agreed Proof would be my next choice, or Rasika, I love Rasika.

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      1. re: ktmoomau

        I love Rasika, too. As I have said before on this sight- Be sure to order the chocolate samosa! Central is good, as well...

        1. re: ktmoomau

          Yup, love Proof, Rasika, and can't go wrong with any of them.
          I would also add Blue Duck Tavern to your list.

          For sushi, I like Kaz.

          1. re: ktmoomau

            I 2nd Central. I also really like PS7 (which is quieter then Central but still very good).

            Not sure about the high-end sushi restaurants in town, but maybe you would enjoy Oya. I've enjoyed their sushi in the past, as well as some of their other fish dishes. It's a very modern, hip ambiance, which could be fun. (I think it looks like the ice cave in Superman!)

            Sorry to hear about your cat. It's always hard to lose a pet.

          2. You might also think about Sei, I haven't been, but it is hip and sushi? I like sushi-ko, but we normally go to places closer to home, so I don't know a lot of other places. We had a bad experience at Kaz, but if you go, sit at the bar, I hear it is a better experience.

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            1. re: ktmoomau

              We've been to SEI and we really liked's very hip, very similar to Oya (good rec Elyssa).
              I was hesitant to recommend it in my previous post because the drinks are very expensive...not that the sushi is cheap but if you like to drink like we do :-) then it can get get very pricey. If you monitor your drinks (I highly recommend the liquid wasabi and the cucumber one...can't remember the name), you can definitely get out of there for less than $100. If you go, definitely try the wasabi guacamole, snow white roll (eel, avocado, apple), and the fish n' chips roll.

              1. re: joann.hill12

                Does Oya still do their $30 (or so) dinner deal? They were running it for a long time and the 2-3 times I have eaten there it was through this dinner special. I usually got a sushi appetizer (something crunchy, spicy, and delicious) and a seafood main course.

                You should check to see what type of specials they are running.

                1. re: Elyssa

                  Yes, I believe it's a $35 three-course prix-fixe.

            2. OP here. First, thank you so much for all of your suggestions (and I'm sorry to hear about Tigger, Ktmoomau!)

              We've been to Central more times than I can count, so we'd like to try somewhere new. Oya is a good idea, but we went once and had a pretty bad experience. I don't know if I'm into going back, but it's a possibility.

              We were thinking about hitting up 'Dino.' Any thoughts about that place? It seems to have gotten fairly good reviews on these boards (and they have a Zuppa Di Pesce, which I think would have pleased Tiger as equally as sushi would :))

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              1. re: Melanie

                Food at Dino is usually good to excellent. Wine list is excellent. It is certainly in your price range, especially if you get some small plates and/or share an entree. Portions tend to be generous. Service can sometimes be dismissive, especially if there are lots of regulars in the place being treated, well, like regulars! Then the no-so-regulars get less than good service. But if you haven't been, you should go. These kinds of independent neighborhood-based places, with such an emphasis on COOKING, are rare.

                1. re: Melanie

                  I like Dino a lot. I have found, though, that it is at its best during the summer. Dean is really good about sourcing good local vegetables and using them in the pastas and as sides to some of his fish.
                  Have you thought about Tosca? It is one of my favorites in the city and the pasta would be very comforting. You could also get a bottle of wine, do the pre theatre menu (order before 7) for $35 each, and be out of there for just a touch over $100.
                  What do you think of Brasserie Beck? I had a mind blowing beer dinner there on Tuesday night! A few nice, warming Belgian beers paired with some hearty fare with the predicted rain this afternoon may be perfect.

                  1. re: daves_32

                    The food is good at Tosca, but I enjoy myself more at Dino. At Tosca, the room feels a little like a cave, and last time I had the pre-theater menu I felt they were rushing us through dinner.

                    1. re: daves_32

                      Tosca is great...much better than Dino...IMO, not even comparable. Yes, definitely order before 7pm so you can take advantage of the 3-course prix-fixe. It's one of the best values in the city.

                      I also really like Beck. Daves--care to share more details on the beer dinner? I've been wanting to go...

                      1. re: joann.hill12

                        I reviewed it at: "Brasserie Beck Beer Dinner." It was posted yesterday morning. I wrote it just in passing to a friend and then posted it to here so it is a little breezy. If you want anymore information any of it, just ask! I am happy to share.

                    2. re: Melanie

                      Dino is great! It's a nice neighborhood restaurant and perfect if you enjoy wine. Ask Dean (the owner) what you should order/what the specials might be. He has great taste.

                    3. if in MontCo for sushi you can go to Tako Grill in Bethesda as well as Domo Sushi in Rockville Town Center