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Where can I buy Greek yogurt near West Windsor?

Anyone know a local market selling Greek yogurt? We have family coming for a visit, and my mother-in-law is hooked on it. I have no clue where to find it... anyone?


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  1. I would try the Wegman's in Princeton. I haven't gotten it there, but I have at the Cherry Hill location. It is in the organic refrigerated section, not with the other yogurts.

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      Ahhhh -- I had tried Wegmans, but not the organic section. Many thanks!

    2. I buy it all the time in Wegman's or Shoprite. You can buy either brand of "Fage" or "Chobani". It is soooo good!!! Much more richer and creamier than regular yogurt.

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        Thanks for the tip on names to look for!

      2. Whole Foods off route 1 got it also.

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          Good to know! I'll check there if my usual trip to Wegmans comes up empty...

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            I get it at Whole Foods all the time and they often have it on sale. :) BTW, Starbucks also just started carrying it in most stores in single-serve cups with honey and granola. Whole Foods is cheaper though, and you don't get to say that often!

          2. Even Stop & Shop and A&P carry Fage and Chobani brands.

            1. Also check the Shop Rite on Rt.130 in W.Windsor. I think you'll find Fage there.

              1. I am not a big yogurt eater, so can someone explain to me what is the difference between Greek yogurt vs. something from Dannon? I just noticed they are more expensive then the normal or even the organic yogurt.

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                  yCf, Chowhounds have discussed Greek yogurt many times. This link will help.

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                    HillJ gave a great resource...but, in short, Greek yogurt is much more creamier, thicker, and much more delish!!! (Also, much more$$$) Why it is more money, I have no clue. It does takes some getting use to. Dannon is great, but I think they add preservatives, maybe I am wrong, but the Greek yogurt is great!! Pay the $4.59 or whatever and just try. Add your own fruit...BOOM! you are set! Happy and Healthy!!!

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                      If you have a Trader Joe's near you, TJ's Greek Yogurt sells for $1.79 a carton.
                      Chobani is on sale often. Fage goes on sale too but remains the highest priced Greek-styled yogurt avail.

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                        I get get myself over toi Trader Joe's!! Thanks, HillJ for the tip! $1.79 is an amazing deal!!! Have a nice weekend! :)

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                          And Trader Joe's brand is incredibly delish. Better than Fage. Only slightly exaggerating to say it's whipped-cream-like.

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                            Greek yogurt is strained, which will make it richer, thcker, creamier and alot more flavorful. Most of the Fage yogurt is full fat as well, about 10%, unless you get the Fage Zero. And we all know "Fat is Flavor" That is why it is so good.

                    2. FWIW, I've also tried freezing all of the above mentioned Greek styled yogurt and the Trader Joe's brand holds up the best to a defrosting. The others do okay but there is some textural change that occurs. I like to buy on sale and freeze for smoothies, ice cream machine recipes and cooking.