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Mar 18, 2009 05:36 AM

Camera's in restaurants

I have a general question for the people who take pictures of the food in restaurants. What type of camera do you bring in? In all my dining experience, I've never actually seen anyone taking pictures in a restaurant. I have a Nikon D80 DSLR, Canon point and shoot and the iPhone camera. While the last thing I would want to do is take a picture with a flash, that would eliminate the point and shoot depending on the light in the restaurant because of the lack of functionality. Ideally I'd like to bring in the Nikon, but its a rather large camera like most DSLRs. The iPhone camera is a great camera phone, but still won't do what I'm hoping for. I'm going to Alinea in Chicago in two weeks, o ya in Boston in April and Paris for a week in May. I'd like to be able to take some pictures of the food at all places, but not sure what the most discreet way to do it without disrupting other diners.

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  1. Since you know where you are going, would it be possible to ask the restaurant their policy or work out a way that you could fulfill your wish without disturbing the ambience...... I've wondered the same thing by the way.

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      I have thought about that, but in case they don't want me to, I don't want to be the reservation pegged as the guy who "might bring in a camera."

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        You could always call the restaurant and, without identifying yourself, ask them what their policy is.

    2. I bring my D40 with me with pretty big Sigma 1.4f lens. The lens is quick enough where I don't usually need a flash in low-light. My strategy is to keep my camera in my purse at first, and then only when everything is brought out to the table and the server leaves, pop the camera out for a few quick pictures. Maybe it's just me, but I don't want the server to see I have a camera and then try to plate things differently.

      If it's a fancy enough restaurant where most people aren't in t-shirts and jeans though, I keep the camera in the purse and enjoy my meal.

      1. I just upgraded from a D80 to a D90 and added a 60mm macro. I have no problem taking the camera to any restaurant. I paid how much for this food? I think I have the right to snap a few pics so long as Im not using a flash, or getting up and using a tripod and studio lights!!

        1. Hi, I have always loved taking photos of my meals.
          In the more upscale places, however I have always refrained. Recently I had a meal at Degustation in NY - it was a 10 course tasting and I wanted to write a report on CH afterwards. I knew I'd forget what the dishes were so I used my I-phone to snap a pic of each course. I have to say it was pretty discreet and worked quite well!

          1. as long as no flash is involved, it should be totally cool. I've wanted to take pics of a room, not just the food and always ask first