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Mar 18, 2009 05:32 AM

Dinners in Union Square, Pacific Heights, or Marina neighborhoods...

My wife and I are heading from DC to SF and the wine country during the first week in April. Staying in the Embarcadero area primarily so that we can hit up the Ferry Building and market each morning. May try out Slanted Door one day for lunch.

We'd like some advice on places for dinner for two nights in SF. One night in the Union Square area and another night in the Pacific Heights or Marina neighborhoods. Any type of food is good (we already have reservations at Bouchon for one of our nights in the wine region so likely wont go to French restaurants in SF). Contemporary American, Latin American, Mediterranean are all favorites. Not too concerned about price but dont want something outrageously expensive. Thanks for the feedback.

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  1. In the Marina A16 and Pac Hts SPQR both great,reasonable,casual Italian. Also in Pac Hts is Delfina Pizzeria,fantastic Pizzas and Pastas,they dont take reservations. If you like Indian Dosa in Pac Hts is excellent. Further down a few blocks in the fillmore district is 1300 Fillmore an awesome southern approach to fresh ingredient driven food. Check out all the websites for the menus. Can't go wrong at any of them. In Union Square you may want to try Cortez. If your not eating Italian anywhere else Scalas in Union Square is also good.

    1. >>Staying in the Embarcadero area primarily so that we can hit up the Ferry Building and market each morning.

      Just a warning, the market isn't there each morning and the Ferry Building feels quite empty most weekday mornings before 10. It really starts to pick up at lunch time on weekdays. The Farmer's Market is 10-2 on Tuesday and 8-2 on Saturday. The good breakfasts at the Ferry Building are on Saturday. Except for Saturday, most vendors don't open until 10.

      For Latin American, I'd go to The Mission. I wouldn't miss The Mission anyway, it's one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the city, with an incredible range of restaurants, and a lot of out-of-towners really don't know about it. Makes us happy, makes for a good experience if you don't live here. Limon is a good Peruvian place to try. I don't like the Marina at all, it's not my kind of neighborhood. A16 is one of the best restaurants there, but but you can get similar food at SPQR in a more pleasant setting, especially if you are out late. I don't need to see any trendy twenty somethings barfing on the street again...

      From Union Square, I would go to Canteen over anything closer, but it's tiny. Check to see about getting in.

      BTW, both Dosa and Delfina Pizzeria, recommended by Mick, have their original restaurants in The Mission.

      And for lunch, check out The Sentinel, it's walking distance from the Embarcadero and Union Square. I try to eat there at least once a week.

      One final recommendation is to get out of the tourist areas (The Mission isn't one) and head out into the neighborhoods for some great food and more pleasant dining experiences.

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        Thanks for the detailed info. Luckily we'll be starting our trip off on a Saturday morning so the market should work out. I'm looking forward to experiencing the city for a few days. I havent made it to the Mission neighborhood to eat's definitely on my list for this trip.