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Good Burgers in the Burbs

Hi Chows-

I didn't see much posted about this. Does anyone know of any good burgers in the suburbs of Philly? I am also looking for a place that has a liquor license.

The burgers at the Freight House are really good, and we do like KC's Alley. Anywhere else we are missing? I'm looking for a place where they serve them at dinner, just not at lunchtime.


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  1. Cisco's in Flourtown on Bethlehem Pike does a really good burger, cheesesteak and cheesesteak hoagie and won't break the bank which is good these days.

    1. my absolute favorite burger is at Phils tavern in Blue Bell. The burgers are HUGE - and they cook them to taste. :)

      you can see the menu at http://thephilstavern.com/

      Phil's Tavern
      931 Butler Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422

      1. The burgers at the Drake Tavern in Jenkintown are very good. The Captain Morgan burger is top notch.

        Juju, I am a big fan of Phils, but their burgers leave a lot to be desired IMO. Yes, they are big in size, but not so big in flavor. Very mediocre.

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          interesting Mitchh, i've always found them very tasty. I also appreciate that Phils doesn't mid subing out other sides for the fries - i enjoy the fries, but avoid fried stuff most of the time. :)

        2. Hellolaura,
          I was at KC's Alley for the first time the other night and i didn't have a burger, but we did have sandwiches and they were the worst sandwiches we have ever had in our lives!! The wings and fries were amazing. Have you had their sandwiches? We had the steak sandwich and pork. Terrible!

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            Hey Hillster, BF gets the burger there, his was pretty good. I normally stick to the sandwiches, though they need a bit of a boost, I must say. The fries are awesome...who would have thought melted butter on fries would be good?!?! They have to be so bad for you!

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              melted butter on fries? HMMMMMMMMM sounds like an idea!

          2. The organic cheeseburger with smoked cheddar at Christopher's in Wayne is my favorite burger in the burbs. It comes on a brioche bun. Order the sweet potato fries to go with it, and sit at a high top table in the bar to avoid the kids in the dining room!

            1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Does anyone know if McNalley's serves a good burger? I've never been...I know they have the Schmitter, which is a must try on my list...

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                I second the melted butter on the fries!!! Unbelievable! As for McNally's - forget the Schmitter and HAVE the burger...soooo good! Their burgers are huge and juicy. They have great soups too!

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                  Oh, good to know! The Schmitter never really was my thing.

              2. I second Christopher's in Wayne, and also like Kelly's in Bryn Mawr... they have a wide selection of burger toppings, and all that I have tasted have been good.

                1. Depending on how far you're willing to go, Bubba's Pot Belly Stove in Cooperstown makes an outrageous burger.

                  1. Only been there once for lunch, but the angus burger and hand-cut fries at Blackfish in Conshohocken was a big winner to me.

                    1. Capone's on the Germantown Pike in E. Norriton makes a great char grilled burger cooked any way you like it with a fantastic, world class beer selection as well.

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                        I heartily second Capone's. And they have nice add ons, fried mushrooms and onions.. And the beer selection is amazing.