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Mar 18, 2009 04:08 AM

Piglet in Toronto

I am currently looking for a place (butcher shop or whatever) that sells piglets (whole but gutted). A recent trip to Segovia in Spain has given me the insane urge to attempt to cook a 21 day old piglet whole in my home oven.

Last year I ordered one at Fortinos but the "piglet" they sold me for 150 dollars was 40 pounds big and had to be chopped in three before it would fit in the oven.

Please help!!!

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  1. Most pork wholesalers/butchers will be able to get one for you. Here's one in Etobicoke that I've used in the past:

    Butcher Shoppe
    121 Shorncliffe Rd, Toronto, ON M8Z, CA

    1. I saw some at highland farms, cut up. however, I assume you can order one whole. And it was indeed a piglet.

      1. there is a butcher in the north farmers market of slm that sells whole pigs. while the ones he normally has are more in the 60lb range you could speak to them and see if they will slaughter you a younger one. freshness would be impeccable i'm sure at that rate.

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          I would second PSP's suggestion of the butcher in the Saturday North Market of the St. Lawrence Market. I've been buying excellent pork from them for about 20 years. While tempted to do a whole piglet, I have never done it yet. Their cured products and sausages are dependably good as well.

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            Yup, the sausages are usually very good. Reminds me, they'd be a good place to get a pork shoulder for pulled pork.

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          1. Butcher in the North Market of the St. Lawrence Market. Roasted a 17lb suckling pig, i think it was $75 approx. Great feast and well worth it. The guys in the market are great and very helpful....I could not recommend them more!

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              Those are the guys that sell a bunch of sausage and other pork products. They are great. Sadly, I haven't been able to make it to their stand in a while. With BBQ season shaping up (pulled pork), and other growing pork needs (e.g. jowl, belly), I should pay them a visit.