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Mar 18, 2009 02:59 AM

Organic Mexican Restaurant in NJ?

With all the Jersey Fresh Corn and Tomatoes is there an Organic Mexican Restaurant in the state? Just curious and wishful thinking.

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  1. I was checking out the Labrador Lounge website and they had a link to Pop's Garage Asbury and Normandy Beach (Authenic Mexican) don't think it is Organic and certainly not fine dining but has anyone tried this. Could not find a post. Thanks.

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      Pop's Garage has opened for the season. I don't think it's truly organic; however, I would think that since it shares a kitchen with Langosta, some of the produce served will be.

      The kitchen is open from the taco bar at Pop's - personally, I really like that. We each had a taco (carne asada for me, Cuban pork for her) and a Presidente. All told $19 for our snack pre-tip. Tacos were a tasty battery-charger as we enjoyed our first trip to Asbury when it wasn't raining in what seems like years.

      A side note - the Cuban sandwich shop is also open. $7 a sandwich.

      A further side note - the Irish bar in the Convention Center has Coors Banquet on tap. $3.50 a pint. I can't remember seeing draft Coors (not Light) on the East Coast since Vermont in the late 80s.

      The Boardwalk is beginning to emerge from its slumber.

    2. Took a ride down to Normandy Beach NJ
      Enjoyed a Carrot - Apple - Ginger Vegetable Drink from Simple Goodness. Great Little Place!

      Picked up a menu from Pop's Garage in Normandy for another road trip.
      Part of the Langosta Lounge family of restaurants.

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        Here are some pictures of both places.
        If anyone has been to Pop's Garage in Normandy recently please post.