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Sat breakfast between SD airport and Oceanside

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I am flying into San Diego on Sat morning. I'd like to get a nice breakfast in between getting my rental car at the airport and driving to Oceanside. Just looking for something better than random crap off the freeway!

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  1. In Solano Beach - The Beach Grass Cafe
    In Encinitas - Swami's Cafe
    In Encinitas - St. Germain's

    1. Perry's off the 5 and Old Town avenue or Las Cuatro Milpas off Crosby and south 5..a little diversion but so frigging worth it!

      1. Just off the 5 N on Garnet St., Broken Yolk, good comfort food breakfast.

        1. Honey's Bistro and Bakery in Encinitas

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            yep Honey's is a good choice as well up here.

          2. You could get the "endless meat" breakfast (or something else) and some strudel at TipTop in Carlsbad.

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              Easy on and off of the 5, from the Airport North.
              Breakfast Burrito at El Indio on India Street, very close to the Airport.
              Old Town Mexican Cafe in Old Town, Carne Asada and Eggs.
              The Potato Shack in Encinitas Beach.

              Old Town Mexican Cafe
              2489 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110

              El Indio Mexican Restaurant
              3695 India St, San Diego, CA 92103

            2. The Mission at 3795 Mission Blvd in Pacific Beach. - http://www.themission1.signonsandiego...

              Ocean Beach Pier Cafe - halfway out the Ocean Beach pier - funky picturesque and very San Diego.

              And another vote for Perry's - 4620 Pacific Hwy. These are all close to the airport so assuming you'll be hungry before you land!

              1. further off the 5, but not by that much...

                The Naked Cafe in Solana Beach (off Lomas Santa Fe and approx 5 minutes off the freeway). I think it's better than Beach Grass Cafe.

                Americana or the Pacifica Breeze Cafe in Del Mar, about 5-10 min off the freeway. Park in the parking structure under the Del Mar Plaza for the easiest (paid) parking.