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Mar 17, 2009 11:37 PM

Help with Portland bakery tour

I am coming to Portland with my family this weekend and would like to visit 6-10 of the best bakeries and/or prepared food shops in town. Places that make everything by hand, from scratch, with good ingredients. Please provide your best list. We are staying downtown and will rely on public transportation. P.S. We also like hot chocolate a lot and would appreciate any recommendations for that too.

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  1. Incredible hot chocolate at Sahagun, easy downtown walk:
    Best bakeries:
    Ken's Artisan Bakery, #17 bus.
    Bakery Bar
    Grand Central, several locations
    La Provence
    Pearl Bakery, streetcar or just walk
    Crema, 19 or 20 bus
    Little T, 4 or 10 bus
    St Honore Boulengerie
    2 Tarts, near Ken's

    All of these are easily walkable or via
    Have fun. Please report back!

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    1. re: Leonardo

      See this thread for bakeries:
      Also: Fleur de Lys Bakery (#12 bus or MAX to Hollywood transit center


      For hot chocolate, I'd add Alma on NE 28th and Cacao, although Sahagun is my favorite.

    2. Fleur De Lis in the NE Hollywood District - 12 Sandy bus
      (IMHO, this and Ken's covers the "euro" style baking with no need to try others).

      Random Order Coffee House - good pies and muffins and such. NE Portland (Alberta) The 8 or 9 bus.

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      1. re: MyNextMeal

        Of course. How could I forget Random. Best pie in PDX.! Best to go via #8 bus which you catch downtown on 4th (every 15 minutes or better!) which takes you to only 3 blocks away.

        Another vote for Fleur de Lys.

      2. It might be a bit of a haul, but there's also the ethnic bakeries -- An Xuyen on SE Foster (Vietnamese) and Meianna on 82nd (Chinese).

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        1. re: SauceSupreme

          Also for Jewish stuff such as bagels, koogle, rugelach, and hamantaschen check out Kenny & Zuke's Deli. Right downtown close to Powell's & Sahagun.

          You can hit several top bakeries by going to the season opening of the Portland Farmers' Market at Portland State, south end of downtown. Streetcar, #8/9 bus, or walk. Opens 8:30 am Saturday.
          Tastebud Farms, Blue Gardenia, Pearl, and Ken's!

        2. I see Ken's Bakery is mentioned by Leonardo, I can't stresss how much I agree with this one. Truly top notch. Get there early if you can, right around when they open would be best. I only say this because it can get busy in there and this way you will see most items still warm from the baking. It is one of the best bakeries I've ever been to.

          The rest of Leonardo's suggestion are on the spot, abide by his list and you'll do fine.