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Mar 17, 2009 11:11 PM

Toasted sandwich maker

I used to have one of these when lived in the UK 15 years ago.. Made the best toasted sandwiches. You could put a complete egg inside, and unlike the electric ones it didn't decide it should be sliced in two.

Any idea where to get one of these in TO, or where to get an electric toasted sandwich maker that doesn't dissect the bread.

Nothing to beat the sybaritic pleasure of a back-bacon, egg, cheese and tomato sandwich where the first bite has hot egg yolk running down your chin.

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  1. I beleive you can order these from amazon.

    1. I have seen them at Canadian Tire before, in the camping supply section. But that was a few years ago.

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        Cast Iron Sandwich Toaster


        Product #76-3006-0

        1. re: Dflip

          This looks similar to the Diablo in terms of function/use but the handles look awfully long because it's designed to be used over a campfire. If this is the case, then it would be awkward to use over a stovetop, something the Diablo is designed for.

          1. re: DishyDiva

            Also it looks to be flat. The ones I used to have were not diablos but some other make. The whole point of them is to make a bread patty, pastie, calzone, panzarotti, empanada, knish, bridie - call it whatever you want.

        1. re: redearth

          This looks nifty. Now I want one. How do you use it exactly?
          I wonder if the Amazon supplier ships to Canada?

          1. re: DishyDiva

            Take two slices of bread and butter them. The butter side goes on the outside. Press the bread into one half. Fill it up with whatever you want. Banana and peanut butter is another perennial favourite. Put the other slice on top (butter side out again). When you close the lid and lock it it clips out a round sandwich a bit like a cookie cutter. Place it over your heating element and toast away. The pressure at the edge seals it completely unless you have been a complete piglet and totally overfilled it.

            I never though to look in the camping section. BTW the crispy skin reference loses me.

            The sandwich just drops out, you bite it and scream with pain as the steam rushes out.

            Jam is lethal.

            I pretty much knew you could buy them at Amazon - after all that was the link I supplied. My other worry is that British sliced bread slices are bigger and the toaster may be a bit too large. However you can use two partial slices on one half and seal the joint with butter. This is the standard proceduresif you tend to not to buy wonderbreqad.

            1. re: Paulustrious

              Ah, but the link was to Amazon UK - I wasn't sure if you were aware it was available from the good old US of A.

              1. re: Paulustrious

                Thanks for describing how this is used. But if it's made for sandwich bread (whose slices are square-shaped), then why is it round? What do you do with the bread corners?

                1. re: DishyDiva

                  You either feed the birds or make breadcrumbs. The round shape made the toasted sandwich more uniform.

              2. re: DishyDiva

                My husband has one of the old fashioned steel ones from his parents' cottage. It makes the best damn grilled cheese ever -- the edges of the sandwich get really crisp.. We call them flying saucers and they are something of a weekend tradition for us (especially good with bacon added). His is so well seasoned that we don't need to use any butter. We just use plain old sliced whole wheat bread and trim off the edges with a knife after closing.

                1. re: DishyDiva

                  Yes, Amazon in the states does deliver to Canada. I have ordered from them many times.

                  1. re: redearth

                    I have not ordered recently from the US. I seem to remember (possibly inaccurately) that I was landed with delivery, tax, a customs fee, and a UPS-paid-the-tax-up-front fee. It doubled the cost of a 25 dollar item. And it wasn't delivered cus I wasn't there. 10 km and another hour out of my rapidly shrinking remaining lifetime.

                    1. re: Paulustrious

                      Customs fee no longer applies. If you're lucky, they won't charge you tax either. But the UPS "brokerage fee" is a killer. I would not buy anything from the States that ships by UPS.

                    2. re: redearth

                      Actually, is an intermediary for many dealers, some ship internationally, others don't.

                      I also have bought some things from the States via Amazon.

                      However, I just received a message from the dealer who sells the Diablo through Amazon and was told they don't ship internationally. So, as it turns out, it isn't possible to buy the Diablo through Amazon from Canada.

                      1. re: redearth

                        I have only ever been able to order books from To see what would happen, I just tried to order the Diablo Snack Maker and was, as usual, given the message that "This item can't be shipped to your selected destination". (I live in Canada.)

                  2. I haven't tried this, but at six bucks, you really can't go wrong! Good luck.

                    1. So, I e-mailed the company, and they told me to contact these people in New Jersey: