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Mar 17, 2009 08:14 PM

Pimenton - Spanish Takeout on Mt. Pleasant - Review

I've been wondering about this place, which opened in the last couple of months. Finally tried it tonight, in lieu of green beer and fried nappies (reference to Roddy Doyle scene for the occasion. See, rent or read The Van).

For a takeout shop, the interior is pristine, the kind of place where you would have no fear of eating off the counters. No eat-in space. There are a couple of shelf-spaces of spanish condiments and spices, as well as some other nice product lines, including some confections from XocoCava, where one of the chefs spent some time (actually, Cava).

There seem to be a good selection of dishes, available, including soups, appetizers, mains, sides, as well as dips, marinades, and cheeses, and cured meats. I tried the Moroccan fish, as well as the eggplant and chickpeas. Both had nice spice, good flavour balance, and were cooked perfectly, in that the textures were perfect on gentle reheating.

The menu is posted online at their website, , and seems quite diverse. For what I had, one main and one side, the cost was under $10, which surprised me compared to what I've had at other high end takeout places.

As for the quality of ingredients, they use mennonite raised chicken that is hormone and antibiotic free, as is the salmon (though not raised by mennonites). The containers are recycled as well. The lead chef is Spanish, presumably organically raised, and a delightful person. With many years in the Spanish food industry, she also has designed many of the Spanish courses for George Brown College. I think that this place is going to do good things, and certainly challenges the quality of ingredients and flavours at some of the high end places, as well as the price points. For those of us who go even deeper into food nerdi-ness, they are also making and selling their own freshly preserved lemons, and a house-made harissa.

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  1. I am excited to hear a place like this exists. I have searched high and low for decent paella in the city to no avail unfortunately. I will try this place soon and report back.

    1. So awsome thank you for this! I defnitely have to make a trip. There was a similar place I found in Montreal on St. Laurent near Schwartz's and was complaining that we don't have one here in T.O.

      I think I might have actually taken her Tapas course at George Brown too. If it's the same person, she's awesome.

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        I live relatively close by Pimenton and have been in a few times now since they've opened and have been extremely impressed with everything I have tried. I have purchased Serrano ham, both regular and spicy dried chorizo, a sheep's cheese called Iziadabal, fishballs made of cod, chickpea salad, cerulli olives, their walnut feta dip with their homemade walnut rosemary flatbread, their eggplant chickpea dip, the aforementioned housemade harissa, Ines Rosales sweet olive oil tortas, lemon cupcakes, almond cake...etc. etc. All of it was fabulous and quite reasonably priced for the superb quality. Its at least a once a week stop for me to pick up a few things for entertaining or just to treat myself. And they are both charming, very helpful and generous. Last time I was in, I was given a cookie as a snack for my way home.

        I highly, highly recommend it. And, currycue, you probably did take her Tapas course at George Brown --friends of mine did and, when I sent them the website link which has her picture on it, they said she was their teacher. And I know she's doing classes as of which is a Paella course that you might be interested in callitasicit.

        Go and enjoy! Pimenton is a fabulous addition to the neighbourhood!

        1. re: gorge_ous

          Finally made it up there not too long ago and very impressed. Her Jamon Serrano (24 months) is better than anything I've tasted in the city. I will make a special trip there now instead of Scheffler's for that item alone. Her 15 month old Manchego cheese was also great. Haven't tried too much of the prepared foods. Bought some croquetas de pollo and weren't too impressed. Got lots of grisle in them, but I'll hold out for some jamon croquettes.

          Can't wait to go back!

      2. Just picked up some lunch from there - got the Black rice with goat cheese, baked broad beans, beets, and pomegranet eggplant - all was very good, she let me try the black rice first and I mentioned I felt it needed more acid - she was MORE than happy to put on some extra cherry vinegar - what a sweetheart!

        Great healthy lunch for $10!