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Mar 17, 2009 07:44 PM

Last Restaurant Standing- Take away

The five surviving couples are told to add a takeaway option to their menus.

Two pretty much ignore the directive. One does fish successfully and makes a profit and the FOH then talks about how she wouldn't want to do it any other time. One couple deals with an obnoxious patron. And the other couple...might have done Cantonese talkaway.
Not very, working together, listening, making a profit.

I'm sure I missed the positives and I felt sorry for Blanc for having to choose among these to partner a restaurant.

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  1. You are absolutely correct. Not one of the couples seems ready to go into business with M. Blanc.

    It is interesting to me that the couples keep getting caught up by not understanding what "fine" means for the wealthier portions of UK society. Lancaster hot pot in first class, chicken thighs or only 50 pounds for wine at the high table, sad little sandwiches at a regatta and sloppy kabobs at a restaurant.

    I am also not sure that these couples know how to work hard, and work smart. It isn't that they are lazy, but just can't seem to get their energies headed in a positive direction at the same time.

    And finally, the Wok sous chef needs to back down now! Peter is being overcome by this very assertive man. To be honest, I might have fired him by now if this were my kitchen.

    1. I really like this show. Its so much more educational and intellegent than other shows in this genre. But, I can never understand why the couples ignore their task or advice of Raymond and the inspectors. I mean these guys are the judges, you can't just ignore what they say or say something negative about the task or advice--that just doesn't make any sense.

      I agree none of these couples seem like good choices for Blanc.


      1. I haven't seen this episode yet. (I figured I could peek at this board beacause it's not an elimination episode!)

        anyhow, I just wanted to chime in and say that I was thinking the very same thing as I watched the airline show. These folks are nowhere near ready to partner with Raymond!

        At first I was kind of rooting for team Nels, but I have to say I lost allot of respect for the wife after she said she "detested" Thai food...and then said she'd never tried it!
        I can't see someone as narrowminded -foodwise as that running a professional restaurant!

        The show itself may be intelligent than others - but I can't say the contestants are!