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Mar 17, 2009 07:31 PM

fresh, in-shell soybeans / edamame

Anyone know where I can find fresh, never frozen raw soybeans in the bay area? We honestly can't believe this, considering they are possibly the #2 American vegetable product (next to corn). But I've checked at all my key players (Nijiya, Tokyo Fish, 99 Ranch, Yaoya San, and random places in SF and OAK chinatowns) in SF and the east bay and I can't find any. Trader Joe's has shelled (frozen or no?) soybeans but they're really quite expensive for the product.

Normally you would find them in bunches on stem in the produce aisle. Any tips appreciated.

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  1. Maybe you'll find them in the summer? I've grown them myself, but for now I've been buying the frozen pre-cooked edamame at trader joe's.

    1. I've bought them at the Healdsburg farmers market . . . but it hasn't opened yet for the season.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Melanie - Good idea. Last time I found some it was at a farmers' market, in fact.

        peppatty - did you grow them in the Bay Area? how did they turn out? I don't have my own yard, so container gardens only...but I'm interested.

      2. There is a farmer at the Alemany FM and the Civic Center FM that has them during the summer/early fall. They are DELICIOUS! He always lets you know to only cook them for 4 minutes. This time of the year he has beautiful kiwis.

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          srr, that's the same place they have the flea market (Alemany), right? Will definitely check it out. I'm sad I've got another few months' wait ahead of me, but the rewards should be sweet...

        2. Does it make any sense to compare edamame to sweet corn?

          1. I have seen them at the produce store at Mission and Ocean Ave (I forget the name). But they don't have them consistently, even in the summer.

            I'm not sure they'd be cheaper by the pound than the frozen beans at TJs after you've picked and shelled them. But then, considering taste, I would never buy frozen corn at any price.