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Mar 17, 2009 07:29 PM

Need Rec for DuPont Circle

Hi there,

I am looking for a recommendation for dinner in DuPont Circle in early April on behalf of my friend.

They appreciate a good ambiance and great food, with an interest in local and/or organic.

They have 2 children - 7 and 9 - who are very well-behaved and who are also interested in food so it doesn't need to be the typical 'kid-friendly' place, but not too upscale so that they are out of place.

Any recommendations?


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  1. If they like seafood I would head to Hank's Oyster Bar. Not sure if everything is local/organic but it is yummy and kid-friendly.

    For pizza they can try Pizzeria Paradisio. It's small, so there might be a wait but the food is good and everything seems fresh.

    1. For a great French restaurant that has a very relaxed atmosphere (can get busy at times, but a very convivial environment), try Bistro Du Coin. Prices are relatively affordable for the quality of food.

      1. Founds Farmers meets your "interest in local and/or organic" contingent. It's also very good, kid-friendly, and not too far from Dupont.

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          Btw, in case you are doing a search for it, the restaurant is Founding Farmers. Don't worry seems as if a lot of people are having difficulty with this restaurant name on the boards. :)

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            After I wrote the post, I reread it and noticed the mistake. I swear I changed it to the correct name! I'm going to blame it on Chowhound!

        2. I'm told Pizza Paradiso has some of the best piza in the city, so that might be a good compromise. Haven't tried it myself.