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Mar 17, 2009 07:23 PM

Looking for Nantucket Dining Recommendations

I will be in Nantucket at the end of April for a few days, and looking for some worthy dining location. We are looking for something romantic (or at least quiet) or a quaint local place. Appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. The Pearl, The White Elephant, The Sconset Cafe

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    1. re: keith2000

      travelames- do a search on Nantucket restaurants as there was just a thread (last week?) with a question same as yours regarding ACK in the spring. I'm not sure if Keth's rec's will be open late April. Daffodil Weekend (last wknd in April) is usually the unofficial restaurant opening weekend, but then many of them sort of shut back down, or have abbreviated weeks, as there isn't much business at that time of the year, especially if everyone is open. I'd skip the White Elephant (the restaurant there is the Brant Point Grille) ... it's just too hit or miss from season to season, although it's a great location, so go for a drink. Hey, maybe this year it will be a hit! Try the Languedoc Bistro, Queequeg's, or the new place: Dune (on Broad St).

      1. re: ciclista

        Thanks keith2000 and ciclista. I will definitely look for that thread. I will report back on the late April openings, and our experiences.