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Mar 17, 2009 07:06 PM

Marina/Monterey Italian or Pizza

I'm looking to plan a dinner for 12 people on a Friday night close to Marina, and we could go as far as Monterey. I am paying the bill for all 12 people, so cheap is definitely required. THe group would definitely be happy with a pizza/pasta option, and might like Asian food too. The ideal setting would be loud enough to accomodate kids, and spacious enough that individuals standing or changing seats in order to converse with more than the person sitting next to them would not bother the other patrons. Another plus would be a place that takes reservations for a group this size.

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  1. For the basic American pizza and a loud family oriented place, Gianni's in monterey would be my suggestion. Better pizza can be found in the area but only at fancier places.