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Mar 17, 2009 07:02 PM

Sichuan, Korean BBQ, and Argentina in Queens

Will be in the city thursday to sunday and am looking for the most authentic and best value in the following ethnic cuisines in Queens:

1) Argentine steakhouse or bakery (La Fusta?)

2)Korean BBQ (grill your own tableside, charcoal if possible)

3) Sichuan in Flushing (I am looking for the sour and hot noodle soup..schuan le fun...I think it is called).

Thanks for any help.

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  1. La Fusta is consistentely good. For Korean, I love Kum Gang Sun.

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    1. re: daveyj

      Second La Fusta. The skirt steak hasn't failed me. Mixed grill if you're extra hungry.

    2. Sichuan - Little Pepper & Spicy and Tasty are most well regarded on the board. Ate at little pepper a few weeks ago and it was fantastic, tho i am not sure about your dish they do have an extensive menu.

      1. Chengdu Heaven in Golden Mall is my overwhelming favorite for Sichuan with Little Pepper as my close second. Not 100% sure as to what you mean, but they have the best ma la tom I've ever had (basically ma la noodle soup.)

        Not a bakery or a steakhouse but you might want to consider an interesting meal at the Argentinian pizzeria on Junction Blvd. The name will come to mind soon enough. The pizza is interesting in itself, they have good special item pasta dishes, and their fried sweetbread sandwiches are pretty tasty.

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        1. Sichuan: agree on S&P and LP; Chengdu Heaven is good as well although its more of a hawker center's my report on LP:

          - Tong Sam Gyup Gui: you should try this place for great sam gyup sal (bbq pork belly) of the better korean restaurants in NY, here's my report:

          - San Soo Kap San: for more traditional bbq, I like this place

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          1. re: Lau

            I wanted to plug Tong Sam Gyup Gui but I couldn't remember the name!

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              Seconded on San Soo Kap San... I haven't been to the one on Northern Blvd, but the one on Union (across from the municipal lot) is one of the few places that still has charcoal available.

            2. La Cabana on Nothern Blvd. between 76th and 77th streets is excellent Argentine food. They serve pan rustica that is great. Have the house Malbec. Very small and authentic atmosphere.