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most interesting product for passover

What is the most interesting product found so far doing your shopping at pomegranate, brach's etc? I heard about Laromme "white bread" but have not yet seen it

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  1. May not be too interesting for most, but for me, being that I am on Atkins, finding Gefen Sugar Free Chocolate flavored syrup w/Splenda. 0 Calories, 0 carbs, Kosher for Pesach no less, was a find. I couldn't find this all year, not mention for Pesach. I will stock up on this for all year use, unless I can get a commitment from Gourmet Glatt that they will carry it all year round.

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      What's the big deal about this? There are lots of sugar free chocolate syrups. Walden Farms, even Hershey's, makes this product. And there are probably brands that cater to diabetics in that area of the supermarket, but luckily I don't know too much about those brands. There's no reason NOT to use Gefen, but it's hardly a chidish.

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        Nothing special about Gefen. I guess this is more about me not finding zero carb chocolate syrup at Brachs. Could be that Gourmet Glatt (and others) carry them all year. The big problem that I have with Brachs is that they don't carry as much of the "specialty" items. As an example, Heinz has a one carb ketchup. I have to go to Gourmet Glatt or Supersol to buy it. I asked them once at Brachs and they insisted that it was discontinued therefore they don't carry it. It looks like I had better do more shopping at multiple stores..

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          was in teaneck saw Aviv kosher for passover cakes/cookies. If they are products by the company I saw and tasted at kosherfest we are in for a treat. I also saw several types of balsamic vinegar and I saw 0 calorie packets of sugar ala splenda

    2. I am in Brooklyn, NY. Does anyone know where I can find Rakusen matzoh's? I think they are just the best and haven't found them anywhere yet. Thanks!

      1. In Fairway I saw mini goat cheese balls rolled in spices. I think it was a dozen to a tray for $8. Expensive, but really pretty to serve if you're having company for a dairy meal. Some were rolled in dill, others in nuts, some in paprika.

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          We have had these goat cheese balls in the past. Delicious (though some varieties were a tad dry), and cholev Yisroel to boot. [I believe they come from a moshav in Israel.] I highly recommend them!

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            The package definitely said imported from Israel. Thanks for the recommendation- I'll buy them next time I'm at Fairway.

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              Please let us know if you like them as much as we did, Cheesecake. Again, the only minor caveat is that some of the varieties were a bit dry... but that is a matter of personal preference. Enjoy!

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                I usually love goat cheese, and the dryness doesn't bother me. The only problem is storing the leftovers as I'm the only one in the house that eats goat cheese.

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            i have seen that before-it is kadurim by barkanit

          3. Along the lines of 'white bread' I saw frozen kosher l'pesach Pizza

            1. Since I eat kitniyot, I would have to say these:
              Willi Foods Corn Fusilli Pasta Kosher for Passover 500gr

              We'll see how they compare to the egg noodles.

              1. Went to Gourmet Glatt and saw kosher lepesach hamburger rolls and hot dog buns. Rather pathetic looking, in the frozen section. 285 calories per bun! Something like 14grams fat and 40grams carbs. Remember guys, "It’s only one week". I was pleasantly surprised to find Bosco chocolate syrup KP and snatched it up. I hate the "farchnucte" brands of choclate syrup (as I do their ketchups).

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                  just a heads up i ma with one of the farchnucte brands companies and basically the company that makes the bosco made all the other passover choc syrups also.so in this case you are just paying extra for the name. read the trades-many supermarkets and consumer are going generic as they have found equal taste and value.how many manufacturing plants do you think there are in america. much,much less than the uneducated consumer can imagine. in the kosher market even less so. yes there can be recipe differences but plants do have their quality standards still

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                    So are you telling me that either Bosco wont taste like Bosco but will be a watered down syrup or that the farchnucte brands will taste like Bosco and be thick and chocolaty.

                    Any ketchups out there that taste like Heinz? If not what is the best one out there. I cant decide between the farchnucte brands of ketchup so I simply buy the cheepest.

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                      I doubt you'll ever see a Pesach ketchup that tastes like Heinz (I don't think any Ketchup tastes like Heinz including the big brand non-pesach ones)

                      I only need ketchup on Pesach for some recipes ie my duck sauce chicken, so usually the taste changes in the cooking process anyhow

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                        As an aside, Hunt's is very good (NOT FOR PESACH, THOUGH!).

                2. The most interesting (and for ashkenazim, a little odd) product I've seen is KFP soy sauce - check it on my blog


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                    I bought it last year, as well as the "teriyaki" sauce. Not as noxious as the "mustard" they used to sell (I still refer to it as the "11th Plague") but not so great.

                  2. I saw KFP frozen ravioli at Kosher Club here in Los Angeles. They have all sorts of dried pasta, too. Also frozen mac and cheese. Not to mention frozen pizza... I'll pass on all of them, thank you very much.