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Mar 17, 2009 05:54 PM

Boca -- Need a Nice Restaurant for 14-18 peopl

Hi folks. I don't know the Boca area at all, but i do need to find a good restaurant that can handle dinner a week from Friday for 14-18 people (private room or not doesn't matter). It doesn't need to be cheap, but I am not looking to waste cash on bad food or terrible service, if I can avoid it. I'd like to stay in Boca itself --some will be depending on cabs back to their hotel. Ideally, the place should have a good wine program -- at least a few decent interesting bottles in the $50-$100 price range. Given the guests, it also can't be sushi or seafood only and can't be a steakhouse. (Getting harder, isn't it?) My websearchs have led me to think Opus 5 might be an OK choice, but there are some prety negative reviews of it on here, so am hoping to get some feed back on it and some other recommendations. from what i can tell from the internet, some in our group (ages 15-80) may not be up for Bova -- at least not if its dress code would not work for a 15 year old in jeans and a T shirt -- but what about Saporsisimo?

Other ideas? Thanks very much.

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  1. I would NOT go to Bova on any night let alone Friday, it's sooooooo loud.

    when are you planning this? season is almost over and a Friday is difficult right now without a reservation and even then ....

    I know Delray much better and might suggest Cabana which has a private room and great food in your price range.
    however, Moquila in Boca has a lovely private room

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      a week from this Friday, and it really does have to be in Boca given the size of the group and transportation issues.

    2. Opus just changed their menu. We ate there last week and it was very good. They have a 5 app's for the price of 4 which we ordered for the table. They have a nice back area that although it not totally private is perfect for a group.