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Mar 17, 2009 05:31 PM

sat. nite in Greenville, Sc

we are staying at the Westin and would like to have a nice but casual meal and maybe even just walk around and have tapas/apps at a couple of places. Recommendations?

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  1. Steller Wine Bar is two-three blocks a way. It is a casual small dish place with good food and a cool bar.

    I would skip the Caz Bah it is not quite there as far as food goes.

    Three -Four blocks down is River Place Fall. It has a walking bridge that is beautiful at night. The Lazy Goat is near there and has small plates that are good. I think that all the wine on the menue is Spanish. I eat lunch there several times a week and it is open for dinner.

    Sobys is across the street from the Weston it has casual dining. Deveroux's is also across the street it is up scale with very good food.

    My wife and I use to walk around and just get an app and drink at all these places it was a lot of fun. The walking bridge is beautiful at night.

    1. Stellar Wine Bar has your name all over it. I've only been there once, and just had cheese fondue and bread (the "Greenville twist"), but I liked it. I've also heard good reports from friends. What I REALLY liked was the availability of all those 2 1/2 oz glasses of wine so I could try more stuff w/ out being drunk. I got to try two wines and then walked over to the gym! It's actually owned by the same people who have Trio (it's just above there) which I have always had a very bad opinion of, I guess they've stepped up their game. If you go, let me know what you thought, please.

      Other possibilities...Luna Rosa has very good (although expensive ) gelato, and the chicken soup w/ tortellini is (supposedly) house made. It's surprisingly good, the chicken broth really does taste homemade. Nothing else on their menu wows me much.

      You could also stop by Murasaki or Tsunami, both have pretty good sushi offerings.

      Island Blend offers "sample" sizes of most of their stuff...try their jerk chicken...I would say it's comparable to One Love (their sides are not as good, though)

      Chicora Alley in the west end would be another place to get some apps. There's a multi-flavor dip thing I get there, can't remember exactly now.

      IMO the Lazy Goat gelato is awful. Spill the beans is fun if you like to do the mix your own flavors thing and you don't mind standing in line. Blueberry frog is your yogurt shop if you want healthy, tart, not-very sweet yogurt.

      have fun!

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      1. re: danna

        Danna - I'm curious as to why you threw the "supposedly" in the Luna Rosa review? What has led you to believe that the family who runs it is not making things from scratch?

        (Side note: For others, they are making things from scratch, talk to any of them for more detail on the gelato made daily, italian specialities that the mother of the family makes from scratch, homemade pizza doughs, etc.).

        1. re: ap65065

          oh, I don't mean to imply anything negative. it's just that I was given this info second hand, so I can't totally vouch for it. I assume it's correct, though, given how rich tasting the broth is.

          I just wish they would post some nutrition info on the gelato on their website. They said they would, but still haven't, that I can find.

      2. From my last post about this:

        My husband and I do this most weekends, some of my favorites:

        grilled pizza, fried goat cheese, or cheese plate @ Lazy Goat (if you are planning on going this coming friday, you can get $25 towards your purchase at

        cheese plate, pasta small plate special (we had eggplant with gnocchi this weekend that was very good), the veggie small plate special (rotates) or fondue @ Stellar

        an "appetizer trio" @ Pomegranate (pick 3, we always do hummus as 1)

        the baked cheese appetizer @ Brown Street, or the smoked salmon app

        Smiley's has surprisingly good food, the chipotle pimento app is good (it's good on the burger too). I've had a couple of other things there that escape me right now.

        charcuterie plate @ High Cotton

        Rey's is now a bar (not a market) and had a decent looking bar-food menu, but we didn't eat. Just had beers - they have a really great selection. Little bare bones right now as they have just converted it from the market to the bar.

        I love the bar menu at devereaux's, but have had only really horrible experiences sitting at the bar, so typically skip it.

        In addtion:

        Cantiflas just moved and though the food isn't usually that exciting, it would be a good place to have a margarita and/or app and sit on the patio and people watch.

        1. wanted to post an "after action" on all your rec's - THANKS
          After strolling along the river and admiring the suspension bridge and all the bright and colorful pansies we stopped at CHICORA ALLEY and had beers and a grilled shrimp app. The sauce was was supposed to be a honey mustard but tasted more of mustard, curry and was just the perfect heat.
          We did some more window shopping, changed and then started out at STELLA WINE Bar...loved the decor and the swanky bar area. We had a wonderful bartender who made some outstanding recommendations and was very knowledgeable. Great vibe in this place.
          We split the grilled portabello wrapped scallops, they were delicious. The portabello, much like bacon, was a great "meaty" accompaniment to the scallop that were flavorful and juicy.
          We then strolled down to DEVERAUX...again, loved the decor and the way the bar area was slightly raised from the dining area and partially screened by frosted patterned glass. Great bartender. We sampled the trio of sashimi in little spoons and the braised veal ravioli. We intended to stop there and move on again but were so blown away by the presentation and taste we decided to try the Hudson Valley foie gras. The foie gras was on a mini slightly crispy brioche with a sabayan sauce and some bittersweet chocolate underneath - oh, my, this was just too amazingly good.
          Thanks to all of you for your recommendations!

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          1. re: leahinsc

            thanks for posting your review, and glad you had a good experience. I need to get back to devereux soon! LOVE me some foie.

          2. Just to comment on the Luna Rosa thread, I just had gelato in the Italian North End of Boston last week and it was not in the same league as Luna Rosa! Great gelato!