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Mar 17, 2009 05:21 PM

Local seafood in Sarasota area?

Could anyone rec someplace that has good seafood that's locally caught? Having looked through some of the messages on this board, I know some people have very strong opinions about the quality of the food in the area. Please refrain from replying if your response is akin to, "Don't even bother, all the food in Sarasota is mediocre and I ate better when I lived in ______." Thanks in advance for your thoughtful and positive responses.

Ciao, hounds,

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  1. Derek's Culinary Casual strives to use local ingredients as much as possible. The Education Channel recently filmed there when doing a story on local food and farms.

    I can't promise that the fish is always local, but when we were there it was amazing. He puts out really interesting, innovative food.

    1. The best way to get fresh local seafood is to catch it yourself. And in this regard, I recommend booking Captain Wayne -- his boat is docked adjacent to Pattigeorge's and he will clean your fish and then Pattigeorge's will prepare it however you wish for dinner.

      Last month, we caught keeper-sized redfish and sheepshead (surprisingly good and not fished commercially) in the Bay and had it for dinner within 90 minutes of bringing it in. Planning to do this again in the next few days...

      1. Take a trip to Cortez. Its a fishing village, all local fisherman, 10 minutes from Longboat, and eat at STAR FISH or CORTEZ KITCHEN..... Very fresh, very good, very cheap....
        There is also a few fish markets in teh village.....

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          I second Star Fish off the Cortez Bridge. They have very good grouper sandwiches. They also have other locally caught fresh fish, for example, pomano, in addition to having a small retail store. You can find their menu online at It's not a fancy place - picnic tables, plastic silverware, etc.

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            As long as you know that there's no reservations and, in season, the waits can be well in excess of an hour.

            1. re: Longboat

              so leave and go to Cortez Kitchen where they have waitress service.
              Close you eyes and you can't tell the difference.... OR go back to Gulf Drive and go to Gulf Drive Cafe where you get waitress service, and again, excellent fish sandwiches together with everything else they have there.

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                Neither Cortez Kitchen nor Gulf Drive Cafe take reservations either, so whether you close your eyes or not, you'll likely be waiting at all three of these places in season. If that doesn't bother you, then by all means go.

        2. A good seafood place is Phillipi Creek Oyster Bar - off US 41, south of downtown before Gulf Gate- we always have had good seafood there -

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            I second Phillipi Creek, too. In season, the wait time can be long - 1hr- even if you get there before 5pm.

          2. I mvoed away from Sarasota almost two years ago and the seafood I miss the most I had at Rosebud in Osprey. It's not a chain and there sea food is fresh, They have the best pecan crusted grouper I've ever had and I've eaten at just about every fine restaurant in Sarasota.