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Mar 17, 2009 05:15 PM

Lake placid vacation, suggestions?

I wil be going to lake placid for the NCAA to see my brother play hockey. I was hoping i could get some recommendations on restaurants.

Thanks much in advance!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Cafe Rustica up in the Price Chopper Plaza. It is definitely the best Italian in town.

      1. We're up for hockey also.
        For great lunches try Adirondack Stake and Seafood.
        Their clam choder is great and they have their own microbrewery on site.
        They are on Main Street;where all the action in town is.
        Also the Lake Placid Brew pub is yet another place for good beer and burgers.
        They are behind the Town hall.
        Jimmy's,on Main Street ,is another great place to eat and it's on the water.
        We also like the Cottage,in front of the Mirror Lake Inn,and this place is a local watering hole as well with fine food and the place sits right on the water.
        For finer dining in a more intimate setting try the pub at the Interlaken Inn which is behind the Mirro Lake Innn.
        They have a gourmet pub menu as well.
        Caribbean Cowboy,mentioned here a lot ,is another great place to eat.
        Blueberry Bakery,next to the theatre, has outstanding breakfast pastries to start the day.
        See you at the games!

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        1. re: catnip

          Do you have someone playing in the game?

        2. Don't miss Brown Dog for dinner and Lake Placid Brewery for beers.

          1. I enjoy Saranac Sourdough for lunch and breakfast, and the Downtown Diner for breakfast. When we went a couple of months ago, everyone said that Cafe Rustica was THE dinner destination. I'm still mourning the closing of the Alpine Cellar and Luna Loca...