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Mar 17, 2009 05:11 PM

Senior Citizen Review of Alma de Cuba

I think we were the only customers over 35! A few unanticipated problems: light level so low we had to borrow a flashlight to read the menu. Seating too low. Noisy--between the cocktail party chatter and the Cuban music, one had to shout. I suspect the rest rooms were up what looked like three flights of stairs to what was probably a well lit, quiet dining room.

With that said, the food was interesting and delicious; service most attentive and gracious. We shared an unusual oyster dish--rich, spinach, cheese sause. My whole bronzino was atop a lovely chickpea stew, with some spinach atop. ON the side were absolutely yummy preserved lemon slices. Ooh, so good.

Shared flan/ice cream praline desert; the tab was $45. Will not return due to the noise level. Definitely a neat spot for the younger crowd. Nice vibe.

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  1. Yup - that's a stephen starr thing. noisy restaurants.
    sounds like the whole experience at least had some positive aspects.

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    1. re: Bob Loblaw

      In balance, we were glad we went, given that the food was unusual, quite tasty, and if not authentic (how would we know), a nice change from the usual.

      The point I didn't make though is that once you get to a certain age, and know you have limitations, such as stairs, one has to make extensive telephone inquiries before venturing out. If I had needed to use the bathrooms, it would have been a major problem. No way could I navigate those stairs.

    2. Ah, Bashful, yours might be stairs, mine is noise! As I enter my sixth decade, I find it is harder and harder to go to places with lots of noise. I can hear fine in my own house, the car, and most public situations, but noisy bars and sporting events leave me sitting quietly and ignoring the conversation going on around me. Not ready for a hearing aid yet, just a change of venue

      1. There are dining rooms on both the second and third floors - and those stairs are steep! The upper dining rooms are quieter though, so worth the trek if possible. I feel as though there is an elevator too - but you'd have to ask, maybe I dreamed it after the last time I ate on the third floor ; )

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        1. re: Bigley9

          Good for you, to be able to venture up those stairs! I did ask about the elevator. The bizzare thing is they DO have an elevator: a little cage that could help one avoid the 5-6 entry level stairs to the first floor dining room!

        2. I don't mean to sound like I'm trying to direct anyone to the "blue light special" AT ALL, but I think if there's a place you really want to try, go at an off hour... that is how I manage some places with a little kid and it could work for someone trying to avoid noise, too. Just a thought... maybe it will help someone who's really curious about a place & doesn't want to deal with the full-on decibel level. :-)