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Mar 17, 2009 04:59 PM

Where 25 people can eat dinner for $12 each in Manhattan

looking for a place in the Bowery, Lower East Side, East Village for 25 people with a budget of $12 a person?! sounds impossible. any ideas?/

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  1. That's tough - does that include tax, tip and drinks? You might be able to take over one of those cheapo Indian places like Panna II. I like Jeeb for real value - entrees are in the 8-10 range, but that might still push your price range. Sixth Ward is a large, pleasant pub on Orchard Street with reasonably priced burgers and snacks.

    1. yikes. mission impossible! Fun challenge to think about...

      an indian restaurant might actually work, as eeee mentioned. on 6th btw 1st and 2nd there is a row of solid, cheap indian restaurants. could just order food and share, keeping it to $12 each, that might work.

      If you want to do cheap eats (seating not guarenteed), dumpling man on saint marks btw 1st and Ave. A is a great spot to consider. The quality of ingredients are solid comparison to most you'll find in chinatown. Which reminds me...

      You can find a real cheap chinese meal and ultra, tasty cheap dumplings in Chinatown/Lower East Side border. Vanessa's Dumplings on 118 Eldridge St. are probably the most famous. $1 for 4 well-sized dumplings (I get full with 1 or 2 dollars here). I don't think it's likely you'll be able to seat 25 people, but it is ridiculously cheap and tasty for the price.

      These sort of places are likely to be the cheapest bet for you guys, but I'm not sure how to can fit 25. If you're willing to go deeper into chinatown, you might be able get a reservation at a restaurant. What day of the week are you coming down? In any case, chinatown is near the lower east side and a 20-25 minute walk to the east village with a large group. To me, this sounds like your best bet.

      1. This would be a cinch with less people - but a lot of restaurants have a minimum spend per person for large groups. Try Lil Frankies (19 1st Ave between 1st and 2nd streets), they have a few pizzas prices under $10, and it's a great downtown atmosphere (might have to split into two groups of 12-13 though).
        Bereket (187 East Houston on the corner of Orchard) is a dirt cheap falafel and kebab place. They don't have table service but it can accommodate 25 people. You can probably get out of there under budget! Good luck!

        1. I think they could fit your group into Ukrainian East Village in the Ukrainian National Home, 2nd Av. between St Marks and 9th. If you all order just varenniki, I think you could make this work. Even if some people order some additional items, you might be able to keep the average close to $12. Have a look at their menu and see what you think:

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            Second Ukrainian National Home and Bereket. Also Casa Adela if you order carefully. You didn't mention Chinatown (close to Bowery) - Big Wong's.