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Mar 17, 2009 04:55 PM

London Birthday dinner for largish party

I'm meeting my parents and other assorted family members in London in a little less than a month (I'm in New York). The vacation happens to coincide with my birthday, so my mom would like to take us all out. We'll be about 6 or 7 people total and we'll be staying near Kensington High Street (although more than happy to travel for the perfect place).

Since it's *my* birthday, I'd prefer a farm-to-table influenced place, with something I can't get in NYC - modern English cuisine perhaps? My mom already veto'd St. John as being 'too weird' for my other relatives (we'll be going there later in the week).

Is it possible to make my relatives happy and still have a memorable birthday dinner? I'm not paying, so expense not really an issue, although I don't want to put my mother in poorhouse, as we've got quite a large party.


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  1. You could try Corrigans, or perhaps Arbutus? Both use seasonal, British produce,(Arbutus has as slightly more French twist). Qud Vadis is definitely worth checking out. Or maybe Hereford Road in Notting Hill - ex-St John chef but the food isn't as 'weird!'.

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      hereford rd is pretty similar to st john!!

    2. I like the Arbutus suggestion because Soho would be a fun place to go out in. (And the food is really good too.)

      For something more farm-to-table-ish, you could try Acorn House, but it's by King's Cross and there's nothing around there in case you want to go for drinks afterwards. They also have a second restaurant called (help me here) Water House, which is in Shoreditch--more a destination sort of place.

      Whereas, with Arbutus, you could go to the Soho Hotel or The Player or something afterwards (or before) for drinks.

      Konstam would be my other suggestion for a locally sourced place. I've never been. But I've heard good things. Arbutus is probably more formal (but Michelin starred).

      1. Thanks for all the great suggestions! I'll look into these - and definitely let everyone know what we end up doing.

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          arbutus would be an awful choice. aside from any issues I have with the food (many) on a practical level there service and front of house has always been an issue.

          a large party would be inviting trouble.

          I'll second the previous recommendations for Hereford Road or Konstam as meeting your objectives.

        2. Bah - I procrastinated and now both Hereford Road and Konstam are booked! Truly, I have no one to blame except myself, but I throw myself on the mercy of 'hounders - any other suggestions??

          (I did manage to secure a reservation for Acorn House, but a recent posting here was not so favorable on them.)

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            Did you try Corrigans or Quo Vadis? Both good recommendations.

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              Ah - just got the update. Looks like Corrigan's will be able to accommodate us. Thanks everyone!

          2. Wild Honey in Soho? But maybe too small?

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              Wild Honey isnt in Soho - perhaps you are thinking of the sister restaurant Arbutus?