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Geneva Restaurants...

I've been living in Geneva for a few months and haven't been blown away by any of the restaurants here. Overall, most places are over-priced (welcome to Switzerland!) and the service is usually less than stellar.

With that said, I have found a few decent places...

For fondue, I like the Bain de Paquis. The price is fair (20 chf per person) and the restaurant is literally on lake Geneva. I tried Cafe du Soleil, which I heard was good for fondue, but I wasn't impressed.

The steak frites at Le Relais de l'Entrecote are also good and I found the service to be solid. It's apparently a branch of the Parisian restaurants of the same name.

Malombre serves modern french cuisine, but it's on the expensive side. Still, I didn't walk out of there feeling ripped off.

Pizza joints are a dime a dozen here, but I did enjoy the pie at Da Paolo the most over the others I've tried so far.

The Indian cuisine at Cafe Bollywood is pretty decent, but I can't help but shed a tear when I have to fork over 30 chf for one curry.

There are quite a few Lebanese/middle eastern restaurants, and I have tried 3 or 4 so far. In my opinion, Saveurs du Liban has been the best. I really enjoyed their shwarma plate with hummus and babaganous.

A lot of people like to rave about Chez ma Cousine, but I didn't think it was amazing. The roast chicken (they only do chicken there) was alright, but I think the favorable reviews have more to do with the low price (14 chf).

Would anybody like to give me some suggestions on places I should try while here, or to add anything about the restaurant scene in Geneva?

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  1. Is the Indian restaurant in mandarin oreintal good?
    What do you recommend please for typical swiss food?
    Thanks. {:-)

    1. Most restaurants are cheaper during lunchtime, often offering a plat du jour that will not make you cry when paying. This is especially true at French restaurants.

      The following is a list of some of the best restaurants:

      Try Brasserie Lipp for French food, the patio is fantastic when warm, and the menu is very traditional. If you want steak frites, Cafe Paris is also quite good, though the restaurant you mentioned is considered the best.

      For real Italian, try Giardino Romano in St. Jean. They have a truffle menu as well. Il Forno in Servette does some rather good pasta, especially the Penne del Vesuvio.

      Try Espresso Club for pizza (on rue des Pâquis). The place is ridiculously small, so don't bring more than 1 person with you. You may have to wait, but it is completely worth it. The pizzas are inventive and delicious.

      Try Little India for Indian. It is also rather expensive, but the quality is better than Cafe Bollywood.

      For middle-eastern food, go to La Caravane Passe. It is authentic and reasonably priced.

      Try El Faro for spanish food and get the Paella. Respectable wine list.

      The best Thai food in town is at Na village in St. Jean, but be prepared, it is not cheap.

      Oh, and for brunch, go to either Pain Quotidien near Place du Cirque or Calm in Carouge.

      And Mövenpick is fun for dessert, the sundae list is impressive. Open until midnight too.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Thanks for listing these!

        I'll arrive in Geneva jet-lagged & hungry on a Sunday morning. Where can I find some decent food then? I understand that many restaurants are closed on Sunday.

        1. re Saveurs du Liban - is this at pl. de la Navigation 8?

          1. Here's the link to my blogposts about Geneva: http://chi-he-wan-le.blogspot.com/sea...

            I really liked Le Relais de l'Entrecote and it is a branch of the one in the 6th in Paris.

            Also did a 2-star (Parc des Eaux-Vives) that was good, and was blown away by Philippe Rochat's 3-star in Crissier.

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              Ate last summer at Brasserie du Parc des Eaux-Vives, which is the outdoor patio of the this place. Wonderful setting, just a little more casual than inside. Food was delicious, I'd definitely return on any pleasant evening.

            2. I was at Le Calamar last weekend. Overall, not bad. It attracts a relatively cool crowd, as it is by the university. The prices are good and the food was tasty. Definitely nothing fancy, mainly burgers and tapas, but I give it a thumbs up. I also liked the funky interior - reminded me a lot of North American hipster hangouts.


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                Bummer... it looks like Saveurs du Liban has been shut down by the Geneva Canton for employing undocumented workers. Shame, as the food was enjoyable.

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                  I tried Mortimer on Place du Bourg-de-Four in Old Town on Friday - don't waste your time going. First off, the service was brutal. Not just brutal by north american standards, but brutal by Geneva standards (which is really saying something). We waited forever just to get drinks and when the waiter finally brought bread to our table (which we had to ask for) it was rock hard! My wife and I both had steak, while mine was passable, my wife's steak came to the table essentially blue rare and bloody, even though she had asked for it medium. We won't be going back.

                  On a brighter note, I tried Trattoria dei Trulli on BD Carl Vogt last week and was pleasantly surprised. The menu, while nothing out of the ordinary for an Italian restaurant, had a good selection of wood fired pizzas and pastas. I had a most excellent pizza with spicy salami, anchovies and black olives (which might sound like a weird combination, but it was seriously delicious). The service was attentive and friendly, too. We sat on the pleasant sidewalk patio, which was probably a good thing as the restaurant probably gets pretty warm in the summer with a wood fired oven inside. I will definitely go back again.

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                    I just went to Sushi Train Kiteki on Rue du Rhone. Not the best sushi in the world, but far from terrible. For the most part it's typical maki and sushi on offer, but if you plan to go, definitely do a dinner visit, as they slash their sushi/maki prices by 50% after 7:30 pm, which makes it very affordable by Geneva standards. Try to arrive around 7:30 pm or make a reservation, otherwise you'll wait in line.

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                    It looks like Saveurs du Liban is back in business, but the menu looks like it has been changed. I will give it a try at some point and report back.