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Mar 17, 2009 02:54 PM

Vacuum Packed Fava Beans

Help for a friend of mine in Asheville. She has about a 1lb vacuum sealed bag (unopened)of fava beans that a friend brought her from a wine shop (!). There are no markings on the bag, question, any ideas on what should she do with them?

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  1. Hmmmm.............. vacuum packed? I assume then they were already prepped? She has to make sure that the tough skin is removed, and put some in boiling water for a minute, if she can slip off a translucent skin, then she must do that before anything else.

    As for what to do with them once they're prepped, I have a couple of suggestions:

    Make a puree with some in the processor, adding olive oil, salt & pepper, then spread on a crostini and top with a mixed green salad w/ an orange vinaigrette.

    Or, one of my faves is to just warm them and mix with feta and bacon. Trust me, the saltiness mixed with the creaminess of the beans is yummy as a side dish for anything.

    The rest of the beans can be thrown in pastas, risottos and salads. You can probably even freeze some, like the edamame beans are for when the season's done.

    Now I'm jealous and want a 1# bag of my own!

    1. I guess the question remains, are they dried, and are they peeled? It is kinda funny that she got those from a wine shop because one can't help but allude to the Chianti reference made by Anthony Hopkins in SOTL. [Otherwise, what the heck are favas doing in a wine shop?].

      Ask if they are brown or yellow. The brown are unpeeled.