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Mar 17, 2009 02:22 PM

Good Sushi on Westside tonight?

Hey, I've been out of the foodie loop for a while now but need some last-minute advice on a good sushi bar tonight? My friend is taking me out for my birthday, and we're bringing my well-behaved toddler who loves rolls. My friend and I normally hit up Sushi Zo (she'd drive up from Laguna Beach for Zo, our favorite) but last time we took my son there it didn't go so well. And anyway I understand they only do omakase there now, so that's out. But I'd like to get sushi that is as good or almost as good but no more costly than Sushi Zo. Would also like to stay on the Westside. My limited and possibly outdated thoughts on the higher calibre sushi bars on the Westside:

Urasawa way out of budget;

Wasn't thrilled with either Mori or Hiko the one time I tried each place;

Kiriko is probably the best option;

The Hump is also a possibility;

We went to Sasabune as Plan B when Zo was closed / Keizo in Japan and were so depressed;

I had liked Yabu but last time I was there (like, 3 years ago), was really disappointed;

Echigo almost as good as Zo but probably too purist for my son.

Am I sorely mistaken about anything? Any other ideas? Is Zo still omakase only? What's been better lately as between Kiriko and Hump? What about Bar Hayama? And wasn't there a place in Beverly Hills area that's supposed to be great?


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  1. try katsu sushi in beverly is a hidden gem.

    others in bh are sushi sushi and yu-n-mi.

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    1. re: wilafur

      You have impeccable taste

      I second your recommendation.

      1. re: ronnie_gaucho

        Third the rec for Katsu.

        Also in Bev Hills, this place is solid as well:

    2. re: the hump
      the prices at the hump are totally unpredictable--have heard several times that the tab at the hump can exceed the tab at urasawa. caveat emptor.

      the places i go when i can't afford sushi zo, all of which serve very good sushi and all of which would accomodate a kid, are:
      k-zo in culver city, u-zen in west la, and hamasuku west LA/century city.

      1. Sushi Sushi on Beverly Drive in B.H. is also excellent.

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        1. re: Bob Brooks

          I like Sushi Sushi on Beverly, but the OP says she has a toddler who loves rolls. I would never bring a toddler to Sushi Sushi - it's just not that kind of place.

        2. Jinpachi in West Hollywood is excellent as well.

          1. cafe Sushi, near the Beverly Center. I used to take my daughter there, now I take my granddaughter. Very delicious assortment of rolls and totally child friendly