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Good Sushi on Westside tonight?

Hey, I've been out of the foodie loop for a while now but need some last-minute advice on a good sushi bar tonight? My friend is taking me out for my birthday, and we're bringing my well-behaved toddler who loves rolls. My friend and I normally hit up Sushi Zo (she'd drive up from Laguna Beach for Zo, our favorite) but last time we took my son there it didn't go so well. And anyway I understand they only do omakase there now, so that's out. But I'd like to get sushi that is as good or almost as good but no more costly than Sushi Zo. Would also like to stay on the Westside. My limited and possibly outdated thoughts on the higher calibre sushi bars on the Westside:

Urasawa way out of budget;

Wasn't thrilled with either Mori or Hiko the one time I tried each place;

Kiriko is probably the best option;

The Hump is also a possibility;

We went to Sasabune as Plan B when Zo was closed / Keizo in Japan and were so depressed;

I had liked Yabu but last time I was there (like, 3 years ago), was really disappointed;

Echigo almost as good as Zo but probably too purist for my son.

Am I sorely mistaken about anything? Any other ideas? Is Zo still omakase only? What's been better lately as between Kiriko and Hump? What about Bar Hayama? And wasn't there a place in Beverly Hills area that's supposed to be great?


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  1. try katsu sushi in beverly hills.....it is a hidden gem.

    others in bh are sushi sushi and yu-n-mi.

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      You have impeccable taste

      I second your recommendation.

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        Third the rec for Katsu.

        Also in Bev Hills, this place is solid as well: http://www.sushikirala.com/main_welco...

    2. re: the hump
      the prices at the hump are totally unpredictable--have heard several times that the tab at the hump can exceed the tab at urasawa. caveat emptor.

      the places i go when i can't afford sushi zo, all of which serve very good sushi and all of which would accomodate a kid, are:
      k-zo in culver city, u-zen in west la, and hamasuku west LA/century city.

      1. Sushi Sushi on Beverly Drive in B.H. is also excellent.

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          I like Sushi Sushi on Beverly, but the OP says she has a toddler who loves rolls. I would never bring a toddler to Sushi Sushi - it's just not that kind of place.

        2. Jinpachi in West Hollywood is excellent as well.

          1. cafe Sushi, near the Beverly Center. I used to take my daughter there, now I take my granddaughter. Very delicious assortment of rolls and totally child friendly

              1. Kiriko is great, probably the best option with a child. Just tell them when to stop or give them a budget on the omakase. If not, it can get REALLY pricey fast. We made that mistake once, chatting away during a party.


                1. ChowmominLA, I realize your birthday has passed. Where did you end up going? By the way, I'm not sure what Yabu you were talking about - the one on La Cienega is much better than the one on Pico.

                  Haven't been out for sushi in ages, but went to Kiriko tonight. Originally walked into Hide, not because I think it is particularly good, but trying to economize. The wait was too long, so we walked over to Kiriko. It was practically empty at 8:00 p.m., but a few people came in as we ate.

                  I bet your son would love the ice cream at Kiriko! I had a lovely green tea cream brulee. Not normally big on rolls, but in the spirit of economizing, I ordered some since they are more filling than nigiri so you can get away with ordering less food. The spicy scallop roll was pretty good, but I'm not sure how much toddlers go for spices.

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                    Sorry I never reported back, I just noticed some of these later recs and posts! We ended up going to Kiriko and doing the $80 omakase. It was overall good, but we both missed the oh. my. GOD. factor we'd always get at Sushi Zo. It was more like, yum! rather than HOLY CRAP! My friend picked up the tab so I didn't see but I'm guessing it was about $200 total, so maybe a little bit less than Zo would have been but not by much. My son was crying for Pinkberry half way through dinner, and I would have rather him fill up on Pinkberry than expensive sushi my friend would pay for, so I ran next door to get him some. The dinner was a month and a half ago and nothing really stood out as particularly wonderful or disappointing, but I do remember feeling that the staff was completely forgetting about us (and perhaps having my son there made me a little more impatient.) I know that service is much slower than at Sushi Zo (which sometimes is too fast), but there were a few times when well after we'd finish a dish, we'd see our next courses sitting on the counter for ten minutes before the waitress noticed and brought them over (and they weren't particularly busy.) Several times we wanted to grab them ourselves but we patiently waited for the waitress to notice them instead. Anyway, for my friend's 40th in May I will definitely get a babysitter and take her to Zo. But thanks for all your recs!

                    And yes the Yabu I was referring to was the one on Pico.

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                      your writeup PERFECTLY captures my many experiences at both these places: the food, the service, everything.

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                        That's too bad; I always had service problems at Kiriko and have never returned because of it. Trust me, it wasn't your son.

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                          Just got back from kiriko and had the same experience. sushi was fine, but nothing great or memorable. i had ikura with a quail egg and one of the eggs slipped off the sushi and was on my plate when given to me. a first in lack of attention to detail! i asked for handrolls and got cut rolls, and they forgot my bluefin tuna. so service was less than up to par. for $50 there's got to be a better experience...i won't be returning.

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                            you got off cheaply if you only paid $50.
                            lesson learned.

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                              WOW - we love Kiriko and always have great service. Had omakase there last night - all fabulous, fresh, perfect fish, flavors that shined through all preparations. $230 for two, with a $50 bottle of sake.

                              Only flaw was that they tried to not let us take the rest of our sake to go. We were going to the theatre and didn't have time to finish it. They said they would not be responsible. We suggested they'd be responsible if we finished it there, then left and got injured, so they ultimately gave in. Still, we'd go back in a minute!

                    2. The R-E-A-L Hidden Gem is Kiyokawa at 265 S. Robertson Blvd in Beverly Hills.

                      Chef/Owner Satoshi Kiyokawa has been in the United States for twelve years. This little gem has been open for four years.

                      Originally from Kobe, Japan, Satoshi makes you feel very welcome.

                      We spent an enjoyable evening watching this Master at work and talking with him about the fish as he worked his magic.

                      The gobo is not from a package. He marinates it himself! The wasabi is freshly grated in front of you! The tamago is freshly made when you order it!

                      He features natural and organic items.

                      Wonderful experience!

                      Kiyokawa is a MUST TRY!

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                        I recently went to Kiyokawa based on a recommendation on this Board. The fish was not good quality - really mediocre. Nice looking restaurant though.

                      2. Kiriko is awesome...

                        Hide is no frills and fine but no where near as good as Kiriko and usually long waits but way more affordable..

                        I like both as I live near WLA.

                        Bar Hayama has actually very good sushi too....

                        the foodies here rave about Sushi Zo so one day will try it....