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Mar 17, 2009 02:21 PM

Disney on a budget

Hi all! I'll be heading to Orlando in May with the family and staying at the Sheraton Vistana. We've all been there a few times (myself less than others) and are trying to save a few bucks where possible. Does anyone have any suggestions on the following?

1. good places to eat inside the parks, specifically Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios
2. places outside of the park that are reasonably priced and delicious that we could go to with a toddler
3. place in or out of the parks with good beer and reasonably priced food. I love good food and will try anything, but my husband is not too adventurous. I'm looking for someting fun and pub-ish where we could have a date night.


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    Il Mulino at the Dolphin will let you order half servings of the pasta for half the price. I thought it was a great value and very good food (the portion size was still decent) for the buck.

    If you want to try some Indian food, Tabla, right next to Universal, has a lunch buffet (weekdays for $7, weekends $10) that I think is a great value.

    1. In answer to your questions, I offer the following...

      1. Not a big fan of the food in the MK, so I usually stick with Casey's Hot Dogs at the end of Main St. Haven't been to the Studio in a while, so I can't help there.

      2. Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney offers good sandwiches at a reasonable price & great people watching. I think it's the best food value in all of WDW. Menu at :

      3. One of our favorites is the Raglan Road Pub, again in Downtown Disney. I think it's a nice combination of food, service, atmosphere & price. Menu at:

      For reviews & menus of all Disney restaurants, you might want to take a look at this website:

      Enjoy your trip!

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        Raglan Road sounds good! I may have to check that out.

        Anything for outside of Disney?

      2. I seem to remember getting a decent chicken salad with jicama in it at a counter service place in Adventureland.

        1. Inside the parks you'll do best with counter service restaurants. The rotisserie chicken items are generally pretty good. And even though they've become something of a joke, the turkey legs are a terrific bargain.
          In sit-down restaurants, consider sharing entrees. Most are too large for one person to eat (or larger than one person should eat) and you won't be walking around the park with a leftover container.
          I second Earl of Sandwich -- it's a good product and bargain priced. I would also mention Tabla, but if your husband isn't adventurous he won't enjoy it. Raglan Road is good, though the fare is elevated above basic pub food (I have a recent review on my site). But there's entertainment, so it would be fine for your date night outing or with the toddler (no one will hear a child scream above the wailing music).
          Another beer place outside the parks would be Miller's Ale House -- there are several in the area. Food is not extraordinary, but servings are ample (think sharing again).