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Mar 17, 2009 01:42 PM

Mucho Burrito Calgary

I happened to make the monster trip north to the land of the NW Costco and spied Mucho Burrito sitting in the restaurant zone of the giant Beacon Hill shopping area.

I managed to sneak in just before they got real busy for lunch trade. The whole "Mucho Burrito" concept is a direct clone of Chipotles in the US; right down to the tone and style of the ads in the shop. They love to advertise they are real Mexican...about as Mexican as the queen maybe... but not necessarily in a bad way. The raison d'etre for Mucho Burrito is the California style big overstuffed burrito.

I ordered up a medium Chicken Fajita burrito combo (with chips/sauce and soda). The burrito itself turns into a pretty decent size once its stuffed with rice, meat, peppers/onion, cheese, choice of sour cream or burrito sauce, some herbage and optionally quacamole (at an extra charge). Salsa comes in mild, medium or hot. I had the hot.

Tortilla options are white or whole wheat. No point making the meal any healthier than it already is, so I opted for the white. Once its all put together, it was a pretty decent burrito. The tortilla was soft, moist and fluffy in texture. All the ingredients were rolled up nicely to meld all the flavours together. The hot sauce has a good kick...probably not for the faint of heart.

The chips/sauce were pretty uninspired. The chips were generic. The sauce was the same 3 choices as on the burrito. I again chose the hot. Next time I'd choose medium. Without a burrito around it, the sauce was even hotter than I'd have preferred with chips.

I'm a big fan of burritos, and Mucho Burrito does a pretty decent one. I don't know how often I would make the monster drive to their location though, and the price is a bit steeper than a burrito should really be. If I found myself in the area, I would stop in again as we don't have an abundance of burrito shops in Calgary, so I'll save them as a guilty pleasure kind of place.

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  1. We've been once and I agree totally with what you say. In fact, I planned to write a review, brought home the take-out menu too but never did. You did a fine job though.

    We do live close and keep meaning to try the California /Thai place just to see how that works or Xan which is a new incarnation of the Mongolie Grill kind of place to see if it's any better than most.

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    1. re: sharonanne

      I've tried the California/Thai place. They make a very nice Pad Thai. I can't speak to anything else, but they offer a mango salad that I want to try.

    2. "pretty decent" is stlll going to be better than anything else on offer here, so I'm thrilled- not thrilled to have to drive that far north, but still happy to see this sort of thing coming this way.

      All that said, we made beef rendang (yes beef rendang) the other day and I am going to try some leftovers on a Malaysian burrito!

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      1. re: John Manzo

        Still no love for the burritos at Taco Del Mar downtown?

        1. re: 23skidoo

          I.... hate to admit I still haven't tried it. I've had taco del mar in Portland and it was all right.

      2. Thanks for the review! I will definitely have to try this as I love Chipotle & have missed it since moving to Calgary from Austin. :)

        1. They are not in the same league as Chipotles. Yet.
          I had (and still have) hopes that they would kick up their flavors a bit, especially with the Lime/Cilantro rice. No comparison to the version at Chipotles.

          And what's with the cheese? Saputo gave them a good deal on Cheddar?

          1. Thanks! I meant to review this place but forgot. I live five minutes away so they are highly convenient to me and I plan to make them a regular stop. I'd agree.... they're not worth a huge drive but they're totally worth it if you live in the area. And the best part is that the hot sauce is really HOT, not wimpy like a lot of stuff in this city.

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            1. re: AriaDream

              ? I've never found "hot" to mean anything but "hot" in Calgary- certainly no less than any other city I've ever visited. In fact I was pretty surprised on a trip to Malaysia how much spicier food here is. Seriously.

              1. re: John Manzo

                Really? But then, I compare everything I encounter to my mom's chili. Nothing here matches up. :)

                1. re: John Manzo

                  In Malaysia you have to ask for hot also; it's not something that's automatically assumed.

                2. re: AriaDream

                  Try the curry at moughal mahal. (actually, don't, it's not very good). You don't even need to ask for hot. I can see enjoying it if you're a capsaicin junkie, but I ended up feeding it to the garburator.