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Mar 17, 2009 01:25 PM

Canadian desserts in Boston

I'm getting married to a Canadian in Boston this fall, and my mom and I thought it would be cute to feature some desserts from his home and native land.

Specifically, I'm wondering if there are any bakeries inside 128 that make either butter tarts ( or Nanaimo bars (

I just saw in the NYT that there are tons of Canadian expats in eastern Mass - can anyone help me out?

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  1. As a Canadian expat who grew up adoring butter tarts, I can supply you with my grandmother's recipe. I'd also suggest you hit Super Stop & Shop in downtown Malden for some Coffee Crisp bars.

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      Take almansa up on the offer of grandma's recipe & then twist someone's arm to make them for you! I have a Canadian hubby who is a big fan of Nanaimo bars . . . I've never seen them anywhere in the US. I recommend the following unorthodox strategy -- call a coffee shop in Nelson, BC called Oso Negro. They roast their own blends, it's a fantastic place, and if you told them what you needed they could probably hook you up. Then again, since it's Canada we're talking about, you could probably get the recipe by calling Canadian Tire (kind of like Walmart) and asking the first person who answers the phone for THEIR recipe! Good luck.

    2. They sell Dare cookies (like chocolate fudge and the maple ones) in super markets around here. I wish they sold Fudgeos ...

      1. The most high-end thing I can think of are Effie's Homemade oatcakes, made from a Nova Scotia recipe....Thin, crisp, buttery, and a little sweet, you could use them for hors d'oeuvres....

        1. the Baker at the Blue Frog Bakery in Jamaica Plain is Canadian. I have seen butter tarts there.

          1. Thanks for all the tips, everyone! I'll definitely be checking out Blue Frog Bakery.

            almansa, I'd love your grandmother's recipe! Coffee Crisp - good call.

            SpicyTea, my Canadian looooves Nelson - now that I know there's at least one option for non-Tim Horton's coffee I might have to visit someday!

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              fitzlicious, Oso Negro is THE best coffee i've ever had. easily worth a trip to Nelson! killer skiing in the winter, but it's lovely in the summer, too. it makes a nice road trip to hit the wineries and fruit orchards in the nearby Okanagan valley -- a low-key foodie road trip ;-)