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Mar 17, 2009 12:57 PM

Sunday afternoon on Roosevelt Avenue

I'll be in town this weekend visiting family. We're planning on spending some time on Sunday chowhounding Roosevelt Avenue before heading to LGA.

The one thing we really want to do is stop at an Ecuadoran grocery. We had a friend pick up some Snob brand Guava Jam for us at Los Paisanos about a year ago, and we need more. So, we definately need an Ecuadoran grocery store or two on our itinerary.

Beyond that, we're looking for suggestions. So, hounds, we're at your mercy. Help us plan a Sunday afternoon on Roosevelt Avenue! (I'll gladly return the favor if you find yourself in the Twin Cities!)


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    1. re: bigjeff

      Thanks, but I had seen all that information. As that thread said, there is really too much for one day.

      I was hoping that we could get some help narrowing things based on our timeframe (a single afternoon) and one must-do (Ecuadoran groceries).

    2. Well, I'll bite. Something not to be missed - if you are game for the walk -- is around 90th st. -- the food carts. These have got to be the best in the city. oh, here's a picture:

      not much better than that.

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      1. re: Jeffsayyes

        Nice pic, JSY...Are there a bunch of food carts there? Do you remember this one specificallY/ Thanks.

        1. re: fredid

          There are at least 2 of those like that right there. but sometimes there are more. plus there are churro carts. and then you have ceviche carts around there too. shhh.

      2. coatzingos on roosevelt around 77th street, tongue tacos are so great! be sure to hit up little india around 74th street, also zabb at 72nd is my favorite restaurant in new york city, himalayan yak at 73rd....i live in the neighborhood so if u have any further questions please ask!

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        1. re: icelandadam

          be aware that coatzingo is under renovations of some sort, so you'd best hit up the 82nd st. branch.