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Mar 17, 2009 12:47 PM

Vegan engagement cake.

I just learned my friend needs a vegan cake suitable for an engagement party. Does anyone have any recommendations - I dont have a clue as I am not vegan.

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  1. Jamaica's Cakes on Pico has a vegan cake menu. Their regular cakes are good. Akasha in Culver City has vegan cupcakes that are good, not sure if they do cakes to order.

      1. Lark Cake Shop in Silver Lake has delicious Vegan Cupcakes -- I'd call them about a vegan cake.

        1. It's very difficult to bake a cake without eggs and butter. Native Foods has a very good chocolate tofu love pie that is actually palatable even to non-vegans. Real Food Daily has vegan cakes, but they are very dry and disappointing.

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            i dated a vegan for 1 year and let me tell you: there are some REALLY good vegan cakes out there in the world (granted we lived in NYC so i'm a bit out of touch with the LA vegan cake scene). plus vegan baked goods are not hard to make at all. RFD is way past its prime and i've never had anything there in the past few years so i'm not surprised about the cakes!

            while hounds hate it, Sweet Lady Jane made Ellen's wedding cake - a vegan red velvet. It may be worth sampling plus SLJ does make really beautiful wedding cakes. so it would certainly be elegant - though sometimes the actual cake can be hit or miss & Jane is pretty sassy/surly.

            I'd also try to get in touch with the people that ran Doomie's vegan cafe in downtown L.A. (they relocated to Canoga Park, i think?) -- they had wonderful desserts.

            also while kind of annoying i'd try to get in touch with the girls who run Vegan Treats in Philly. They make THE best vegan baked goods i've ever had, and they may know some solid vegan places out here or bakers. Vegan Treats pretty much rules the east coast - and almost single handed-ly provides all of NYC with its delicious vegan cakes/cookies/cupcakes/brownies/DONUTS.

            1. re: abr269

              Doomies didn't make their own desserts, they got them from someone else. I forget her real name, but her online name is JennShaggy and she is the vegan Twinkie go-to person.

              On the East Coast, you also have Sticky Fingers Bakery, a completely vegan bakery, which also has, strangely enough, many outlets in Seoul, Korea.

              I'll admit it, the East Coast rocks in the bakery arena.

            2. re: houndofmusic

              It's actually not difficult. i've had some awesome vegan cakes. Real Food Daily just does not have good desserts, period. They don't put in enough sugar and they just have a weird sensibility about that. I like the chocolate cake slice at M Cafe de Chaya but I guess that is not what is being asked here.

              There's a bakery, I think it's named Marge's or something like that, north of LA that does a killer vegan carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, total calorie bomb.

              I had a vegan cake from Sweet Gems in Huntington Beach for a recent event. It was vanilla with salted chocolate pudding filling and a vegan buttercream outside. The buttercream was meh, but the chocolate pudding filling was to die for. As was the cake. The cake was moist and totally awesome. Next time I am getting a chocolate chocolate pudding cake, or ask if they'll do a vanilla berry cream cake. Also, I LOVE the carrot cake. PS, make sure the fondant does not have gelatin in it, if you're getting a fondant covered cake.


              Disclosure: as with just about all my favorite bakeries, I know the owner.