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Mar 17, 2009 12:20 PM

Looking for Southern Style Fine Dining in NYC

Yes, I've seen previous soul food search postings but they all look a bit dated.

More importantly, I'm looking for something closer to a fine dining experience with a southern/cajun/creole/lowcountry influence (see Georgia Brown's in D.C.)

The greasy spoon spots are what we will be hitting for lunch i.e. we never miss a chance to hit the Pink Teacup! But there used to be places like Mr. Leo's in mid-town that was a more "polished" southern cuisine restaurant complete with a chitterlings and champagne special, Baby Grand piano etc.

Manhattan is preferrable but any of the five boroughs is within scope if need be. Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Yikes...That's a tough request. The closest thing to regional/Southern-style "fine" dining (and that's a stretch) would probably be Bar Americain. There's a lot of debate on this board about the food, but I was pleasantly surprised by my last visit (a week ago). Menu items include: Shrimp and grits, Johnny cake, Kentucky Hot Brown, "plates of the day" that include ribs or fried chicken, etc.

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      Thanks Leah! I think being a Bobby Flay establishment ta boot might make up for not having a 100% low country selection. The price point looks right on the money too. Gracias.

    2. Try The Redhead -- it's not "fine" as in white tablecloth, but it's definitely more upscale than a dirty spoon. I hail from Atlanta and this is the best example of southern food I have had in this city (most attempts are bad bad bad). It's mid-range price wise, but they "posh it up" with great cocktails and tidy plating. The space is a bit lacking in atmosphere (very cramped, low ceiling), but the food is worth it for my money. Great fried chicken (just like my mom's - it's like she was back there in the kitchen!) and delicious shrimp & grits.

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        Will give it a shot. Much appreciated Emilie!!

      2. Did you look into Londel's in Harlem? It is white table cloth service. Not quite fine dining, but clearly upscale. There have been fine dining soul places in NYC, but they only last a few years at the most like Beulah's, Mr Leo's (already mentioned), Ida Mae's, Honeysuckle, Jezebel's to name a few. Another option, though not fully southern could be Sugar Bar, granted it is more of a supper club/bar. NYC doesn't even have a Georgia Brown's like DC, sadly.

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          I have not heard of Londel's, but will be glad to give it a shot. Sugar Bar is a possibility. Much appreciated!

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            If you are willing to drive a little, there's Yvonne's in Pelham. Not fine dining, but homey with good food:

            Good Luck!

        2. Not recommendations since I've not tried most but worth researching:

          Justin's (owned by Pdiddy Combs)
          Southern Hospitality (owned by Justin Timberlake)
          Shark Bar

          Uptown choices:


          Now closed

          Lola's Soho

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            I was sad about Lola's, it was a beautiful space. Jezebel's closed some time ago. But the old owner is running a fried Kitchen window out of the old kitchen. I must try Creole soon.