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Mar 17, 2009 12:13 PM

Sustainable seafood in the GTA

Hi everyone!

I just finished reading Taras Grescoe's bottomfeeder - how to eat ethically in a world of vanishing seafood. I am looking for a variety of fish that would be safe to eat...wild/not farmed/not full of antibiotics or colour pellets and definitely from a reputable is the list...

Anyone know where to find it fresh?

arctic char; barramundi

halibut, pacific











whiting, blue

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  1. Additional resources that are good to check out are Seafood Watch(Northeast) and SeaChoice.

    Just because a fish is wild caught doesn't make it sustainable to eat so be careful on what the fishing method is.

    Furthermore, wasn't there some article in the past year about how much of the fish sold is mislabeled in stores?

    Edit: Here's the article -

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      Canada has now regulated some practices. Loblaw company is the leader in labeling seafood and fish now. Hopefully, other merchants will follow suit. They have to say country of origin/wild or farmed and are liable. Sustainable fish eating is about eating fish that is not over fished/doesn't destroy coastal mangroves/get fisherman out of jobs etc...etc... like the list above. The list above is considered safe in protecting our oceans and fresh water basins.

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        Just trying to help you out.

        As is the case with most things, a variety of sources bring better information.

        Seachoice for example has "Some Concerns" about halibut(pacific) and both Seachoice and Seafood Watch list certain kinds of trout from "Avoid" to "Some Concerns."

        Another good thing to check out is :

        Study done by comparing various organizations recommendations and which have positive consensus and which don't.

    2. Try looking into freshwater fish that is locally sourced.

      As mentioned by other posters, fishing methods plays a huge role. Also pay attention to reproduction rates, whether the fish reaches sexual maturity quickly or slowly.

      Majority of the wild fish you seek will have been previously frozen. This doesn't mean it's bad, as long as it was IQF'ed properly.

      Look into picking up a seachoice guide, it comes in a convenient fold up form (fits in wallet nicely). I've often seen it avaiable at JK's restaurants. Here's the online version to tie you over....

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        Happy to have found a store that sells all of the above! The seafood Depot on Aviva drive in Woodbridge has them all and then even more rare ones! It's 25000 sq. ft of retail. I love it!!! I guess the message still hasn't caught on in North America. In France, Spain and Italy everyone demands sustainable fish and seafood. We are about 10 years behind (as usual)!