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Mar 17, 2009 11:48 AM

How faithful are you to fast food chains?

On a recent roadtrip, my buddy drove about 5 miles out of the way for Burger King. There was a McDonald's and a Hardy's on our route, but he insisted on going to BK.

At the time, I just thought, "whatever, what a freak."

But then I pondered it some more and thought, are there fast food chains that I am extremely loyal or faithful to?

And after many hours of deep, thoughtful contemplation I couldn't think of one.

Sure, I really like the Filet-O-Fish at McDonald's, but would I drive 5 miles out of the way for one? Nope. The BK Big Fish will do in a pinch.

And it probably gets even less of an issue with Mexcian food between Baja Fresh, Qboda, La Salsa.

Do you have loyalty to a fast food chain, and how far does that loyalty extend?

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  1. Frankly, the only fast food chain I visit (if rarely -- generally only on road trips) is indeed BK. I'd take a BK over MickyDs anytime. Their whopper just kicks the shit out of most of what mcd's has to offer. The only thing I like at McD is the Big Mac, and I haven't had one in .... gosh. It's been years ---

    1. McDonald's. Won't go too far out of my way for one, but rarely do I eat fast food that is not McDonald's. I stopped eating at BK when they changed their fries years ago and haven't looked back since.

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        Funny, same thing with me (though I stick to Wendys). BK Whopper may be dry, but I liked it anyway. But the new fries tasted like they had been sprayed with powder. Just too fake tasting for me.

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          Don't know if they're available in the States, but Toronto area BK's offer salad as a combo option. Whopper Jr. w/ extra tomato, salad with their Italian dressing, and a diet Coke - for a fast food meal, that's almost healthy: 430 calories, 22 g fat, 17 g protein, 39 g carbs, 4 g of fibre. Nothing similar at McD's.

          At Wendy's, I often skip the burgers, and go for the chili and sour cream baked potato; again, lots of fibre and protein, not so much fat.

          In general, I'm not supremely loyal to any chain; I try to find one that has some options I can eat that I feel are not completely awful to my system. McD is an epic fail in this regard.

      2. When necessary and no food at home and on the road and after hours ... I may stop. I prefer burger king, but admit, I love the egg mc muffin. Sorry I love my fresh one better, but sometimes just not realistic. I'm not a 8-5 girl and no SO and a son who is out more than in so cooking and shopping becomes and interesting task now and then. And when friends who stop by now and then ... Improvisation is key. And yes those fast food places sometimes play a role.

        Breakfast and sometimes lunch. Dinner Naaa, but I did have a taco salad after getting home at 1am the other night and it was the only place on my way home and I was starving.

        I would never drive out of my way for anything. I'll grab whatever.

        1. If I want a fast food burger, BK is the only real option. I'll eat a McD burger out of necessity (when I'm outvoted by my wife and kids), and I prefer McD breakfast to BK's, and McD has a damn good cup of coffee for $1. I'll also give a nod to Taco Bell if I get the hankering for a quick taco.

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            McDonalds has always had good coffee, going way back.

          2. Not at all. I try to avoid these places whenever possible, actually. I've gotten physically ill the last couple of times i've gone to fast food places. Buffets are the worst.

            Nonetheless, I don't always follow my own guidelines and now have a modest hankering for those Red Lobster Biscuits discussed in another thread. :-/