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Mar 17, 2009 11:42 AM

Diet Moxie

Anyone know where to get Diet Moxie in Central NJ (Middlesex, Mercer, Somerset Counties?)

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  1. We tried Moxie once at a State Fair in Maine. I had seen it featured on the Food Network and thought I'd give it a try. It tasted like nothing I have ever had before, and not in a good way either. We each took a sip, I think even a second just to be sure, then tossed it. Sort of reminded me of Dr. Pepper mixed with bad cough syrup.
    I guess it is an acquired taste, huh?
    I didn't realize it was even available outside of Maine.

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      Pursuant to the Moxie site, its availalbe at Triangle Liquor in Union. Their phone number is
      908-688-2520. Good Luck.

    2. I became a fan of Moxie during my college years in Boston. There is nothing else like it and it's a refreshing change from the sickeningly sweet major-brand soft drinks. I always bring back a few cans to NJ whenever I visit New England. Never have found it anywhere in NJ, though.

      1. Not sure where you are.. I live in Morganville.. anyway, I am in northern Massachusetts right now, picking up our new baby daughter.. we should be home middle of next week. I have seen 2 liter bottles of Diet Moxie up here.. so if you want some, let me know, I'll bring home a few bottles and you can pick them up at my house next week.

        They also have Barq's Root Beer up here in 2 liter bottles, something I NEVER see anymore in NJ.. so annoying... stupid distributorships only carry cans and 20 oz. bottles.
        I also found peach soda, which I have not had since I lived in Florida over 10 years ago!

        1. The short anwser is Coke of Northern New England's subsidiary Cornucopia now owns and bottles Moxie but it's distributed almost exclusively in New England, especially in Maine. (It's Maine's official state softdrink) It's available in just about every supermarket and corner store in Maine but tough to find outside New England borders. The premier internet reseller is