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Mar 17, 2009 11:14 AM

Visiting, need HELP with 1 Italian dinner rec., the Bar at Babbo,Convivio,Apizz or Scarpetta?

In town 4 days staying in midtown not sure how to decide between above any plus,minus, looking for one tasty meal anyone stand out

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  1. Although I've only been to Apizz and Babbo, all four restaurants get praise. They are all quite different from one another (from what I've experienced and read). Ideally, what are your expectations for this meal? Thanks.

    1. I have been to Apizz many times and this food is awesome. However, it is not very conducive to eating alone. The bar is small and off to the side.

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      1. re: princeofpork

        Dinner is for two people and we have been to Peasant is that too similar to Apizz? Most likely will have an app/salad and pasta dishes probably not a 3rd dish or entree. And no desert. Does that fit anyone of the restaurants listed better?

        1. re: mick

          As long as you don't mind going early, you will prob have an excellent meal at Babbo esp seeing as you are most interested in apps and pastas.

      2. #1 Babbo
        #2 Scarpetta
        Both have amazing food and service
        #3 Convivio
        never been to Apizz

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        1. re: taboo

          #1 Scarpetta
          #2 Babbo
          Both have amazing food and service
          I'd leave out Convivio
          never been to Apizz

          1. re: Nancy191

            Thanks helpful, can you also eat at the bar at Scarpetta?

            1. re: mick

              I think you can eat at the bar, but call and ask just to be sure. If you are fond of organ meats, go to Babbo or Convivio. I prefer Convivio over Babbo though both are great. Scarpetta serves somewhat more conventional dishes, but very well executed. I really think your choice should depend on which menu appeals to you most.

              1. re: rrems

                What time do you need to get to Babbo to eat the bar to avoid any wait. This would be midweek a Mon, Tue or Wed for two people. I know the website says the bar opens at 5:00pm and dinner begins at 5:30, so if you get there between 5:00 and 5:30 is that sufficient. Thanks.

                1. re: mick

                  That would be perfect timing since people go right from work. Get there by 5:30PM the latest and you should be fine. Have fun....and yum!