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Mar 17, 2009 11:05 AM

1 day in miami 3/31/09

so i am taking my 13 year old son to miami for the day during spring break this year. i am looking for a good patio dining experience preferably within walking distance of south beach. as you would expect he will eat anything as long as it has the word pizza or hamburger in it. although he has gotten a bit more adventerous with his sandwich selections something with basic american cuisine would be the best suggestion.

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  1. Burgers at the front porch won't be bad and it has the scene you are looking for.

    1. nexxt cafe on lincoln road is basically the cheesecake factory, same menu. its right in the heart of lincoln road, so lots of action and people watching. also pizza rustica has slices right across the street from there.

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        nexxt is worse than cheesecake factory and is not recommended.