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Mar 17, 2009 10:48 AM

moderate or inexpensive, miami beach, eating solo

My mom is vacationing in Miami Beach this week (45th and Collins), and she is at a loss about where to eat. She's from Brooklyn, likes ethnic food, casual, moderate to inexpensive (entrees under $16, preferably). She often has a glass of wine with dinner, but it's not critical.

Any suggestions? She'd love to walk (and walks a lot) but is also willing/able to take a cab. I guess the most important thing is that she not feel too out of place eating alone, as it's her first time vacationing alone after a divorce (and without me or her sister).


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  1. Up in the 70's and Collins there's a few Argentine, Colombian and other ethnic places. She could take a cab or, if she wants an adventure, a bus. There's El Rey del Chivito (a heart attack of a sandwich with thin sliced beef or chicken, Canadian bacon, and a fried egg, but they also serve pizzas and pastas and is very casual). There's Buenos Aires Bakery, preferably for breakfast. Manolo's is super casual, like an Argentine McDonald's but with fresh churros and is good after a day at the beach. For dinner there's Indomania (Indonesian food by way of Holland) in the 20's and is a short cab ride. The owners are extremely friendly and will probably make her feel at home if she's on her own. Prima Pasta on 71st is always packed and she won't feel out of place.

    1. If she wants to have some excitement and eye candy, News Cafe is great on South Beach. A wide variety, good food, affordable, and she can people watch. It is outside and there is nothing like SoBe at sunset.

      1. Very close walking distance from 45th & Collins would be Arnie & Richie's (Jewish deli) on Arthur Godfrey Road. It's actually now called "Roasters & Toasters" since it got bought out, but I just can't bring myself to call it that after going to "Arnie & Richie's" for decades. There's also Pita Hut on the same street (Jewish Middle Eastern food, i.e. hummus, schwarma, etc.).

        It's about 30 blocks away but the 71st Street area of Collins Ave. brings a number of additional choices. Right on Collins there's El Rey de Chivito for a Uruguayan chivito sandwich, or La Perrada de Edgar for Colombian hot dogs. Going west on 71st Street there's many more choices - Cafe Prima Pasta for (decent, not great) Italian food; Las Vacas Gordas for Argentine parrillada; Tamarind (Thai); Katana (sushi on boats); Ariston (good Greek); Che Soprano (decent Argentine/Italian)... I don't think she'd feel uncomfrotable at any of these eating solo. Many have outdoor seating which is nice.

        I've made a Google map with addresses and descriptions of many of these places ->

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          Frod, how did you make that map? Ive wanted to do that for quite some time as it would really help when I cant make up my mind on where to eat. It would also be useful for my job. Can you help a brother out?

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            I'm not sure I can completely reconstruct where I started from. If you have a Google account, and you go to Google maps - - when you plug in an address, one of the options you will get when the great magic that is google finds it is "Save to My Maps". There is also an "edit" option so you can add your own text. Then once you make a map, the addresses and any description you've added are stored in "My Maps" and you can then add additional addresses, etc. to the map.

            I do something similar with Google Earth for almost every trip we take, though for some reason I can't master the technology of sharing things made in Google Earth.


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              I've also got one going:

              I use it as a general catalog, and print out enlargements of the individual places. That way, when I'm out-and-about, I can find the closest interesting place to try. It's pretty easy to do...

          2. i "second" those. also in the 70s and Collins, Sazon is ok for casual cuban, Moises bakery for some baked empanadas. if walking only, best bet to walk along 41st (Arthur Godfrey), otherwise could also cab down 25 blocks to 17th and walk south on collins/washington, i.e. eat at El Chalan on the Beach

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              Just wanted to update that she did try Manolo's and loved it. Very friendly folks there, and quality food.