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Mar 17, 2009 09:42 AM

Vietnamese in SE Michigan?

I am looking for any suggestions on really good Vietnamese food in SE Michigan or the Ann Arbor area. Thai recommendations seem to abound, but any good tips on fresh and simple Vietnamese food are appreciated.

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  1. Starting at the high end, there is Annam in Dearborn (right on Michigan Ave).

    Then, heading east, and a 'slightly' different atmosphere:
    Thuy Trang - John R & 13 mile
    Pho Hang - Dequindre & 13 mile

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    1. re: Markcron

      Thanks, I knew of Annan, but have always had a thing for the lower-end cafe style joints too!

    2. Dalat - Ypsilanti (Michigan Ave)
      spring rolls are tasty.

      Saigon Garden- Ann Arbor (Near S. University)
      Paradise- Ann Arbor (Eisenhower)
      pho is good in both these places.

      have not tried MissSaigon on Stone School.

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      1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

        Sorry have to diagree, Dalat no good, Paradise no good, Saigon garden, marginal, Miss Saigon beef soup not Pho, only place so far is Pho hang, but their Bun Choi is not good, Windsor has the best IMO.

        1. re: toro

          In the Madison Heights area there are a few vietnamese restaurants that i've found

          1) Pho Hang: Pho is pretty good. For something a little different, My fav is the pho bo kho. Very hearty and flavorful. their Com Tam Bi Cha is the best in the area. Mi Vit Tiem is really good too. My caucasian friends enjoyed the Mieng Ga and some of their Bun, but I thought they were passable.

          2) Thuy Trang - Bun bo Hue there is awesome. Spicy, lots of meat, rich broth. highly yummy. dont pass it up. Pho is delicious too but just not quite as good as pho hang. Their Bun is at least as good as Pho Hang IMHO. The supermarket at the end of the stripmall makes about as good of a Banh Mi as I've found in Se-MI. If you're REALLY adventurous, they also sell hot vit Lon that looks fresh and you can also put in orders for Tiet canh vit on the weekends.

          3) Pho Que Huong - everything here was very meh. dont see a really good reason to come here.

          4) I don't know the name but its on dequindre and 12 mile? in a strip small at the north west corner. Their pho there is tempermental. Sometimes awesome, sometimes passing. Not sure why the quality isn't more consistent. haven't tried anything else. Willing to give it another go .

          5) Thanh Long restaurant John R and 11.5 Mile. Their soups are very edible. Bun Bo is good, Pho is not bad (huge portions, not the BESTest of broths). One really good dish there is the bun cha. Or the grilled pork. Tasty.

          Haven't been over to Windsor yet. How is the Viet food over there?


          1. re: donbui82

            I used to live in Dallas, so I have a pretty high standard for Vietnamese food. I have eaten there only at a couple of restaurants, but both filled my cravings that any ann arbor place could not. i would make it a day and have dim sum at Jade ct and then late lunch. Really not much to see over there. Maybe just keep driving to toronto for some awesome food.

            1. re: toro

              I'm writing this with absolutely zero sarcasm or attitude whatsoever: Dallas is a hotbed for Vietnamese? Really? Big Vietnamese community there?

              1. re: boagman

                It actually has one of the largest vietnamese communites in the US. Best Bun Chai Hanoi ever. I've also lived in NYC, San Francisco, and Portland, which are foodie capitals, but the Vietnamese food is the best in Dallas. believe me not much other than great Tex Mex and new Southwestern ie Steven Pyles and Dean Fearing, but the vietnamese food is excellent, also the best Thai restaurant I've ever eaten at in the US. Better than lotus of Siam in Vegas. O/w Texas sucks

      2. If you feel like making a trip to Canada, The Mini Restaurant, 475 University West, Windsor, ON (519) 254-2221 is wonderful.

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        1. re: chowchowbrowncow

          Which Vietnamese restos in AA are making an effort?

          Vietnamese cuisine in my experience is one of the purist around. It requires the best beef stock and the best/freshest ingredients available.

          1. re: garlicandwingnut

            No Vietnamese in A2/Ypsi that's worth the effort, IMHO.
            My wife loves the bun cha at Paradise on Eisenhower, so I accompany her to support marital bliss. Plus, she thinks it's really stupid to drive from A2 to Madison Heights for a bowl of pho.
            Whenever I can, I head to MH to Thuy Trang, Pho Hang or Pho Que Hong, in that order.

            1. re: bellmont

              Drove out to MH from AA, to test the waters again. Thuy Trang pho much better than Pho Que Hong across the street, much less strong clove and cinnamon, though it does have bahn mi. Bought some saltfish egg souflee there also. It is worth the drive if you stop by the Chinese BBQ and bakery on the corner.

              1. re: toro

                So, you're saying Pho Que Huong has more clove and cinnamon taste? I thought so when I got it there last Sunday, but as I wasn't feeling well it felt more "healing" with the strong spices, more medicinal perhaps.

                1. re: kellycolorado

                  Liked the Thuy Trang pho much better, more beef flavor and less clove. Took both to go, both packaged very nicely, reheated the broth. I prefer less clove ,garlic, allspice,and a bit more star anise flavor.