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Mar 17, 2009 09:28 AM

Cafe Lurcat, Naples

Ate there last night, sitting downstairls, which offers an abbreviated menu. Lovely, well appointed. Everything ala carte. Service ranged from indifferent to just plain bad. Although they were not at all busy, it was very slow. A side dish never showed up. We won't return.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that. I've recommended Cafe Lurcat many times in the past, but only the lovely restaurant upstairs, not the bar downstairs. I hope the main restaurant isn't having service problems as well. Did you complain?

    I think a lot of restaurants are having service problems at precisely the time they should be ramping it up. Lots of choices in Naples. Attitudes can kill a place.

    A friend who has a close friend who is a waiter in a Fifth Ave. restaurant there (not Cafe L) says his friend said his business was steady but tips were down considerably... maybe 25% or more.

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      Cafe Lurcat is generally good, just isn't what it used to be. I don't care to waste my dining dollars again there, when there's other, better places to try.

      I had a foie gras appetizer, and it was pink-red, not off white. I barely had a piece, and I complained, asking for real foie greas. The waiter said the Chef said "It is very good foie gras", intimating I didn't know what I was talking about. We call it "liver" when it's red, not off white.

      I left it on my plate, they didn't take it off the bill. I don't argue with an ignorant chef about bogus foie gras, I just pay my bill and don't return.

    2. We had a great meal there in December and again just last week; in fact, DH declared it his best meal of our week-long road trip (which included some seriously good eats in Miami's Design District, among others). Both times we've been there we've sat downstairs, and each time they offered the dinner menu in addition to the bar menu. We also found the service on both our visits to be spot-on. Server told us the seasonal menu is changing this week, just fyi.

      1. New Year's Eve upstairs at Cafe Lurcat was excellent. Steak Tartar was superb as well as other dishes ordered by our group, lamb, beef tenderloin, scallops to name a few. Service was impeccable. Cool, calm, sophisticated atmosphere. Same place, same time next year!

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          went there no long after it opened. gave us a lousy table upstairs (i think it was near the rest rms) and the service was awful and its not worth the price just to experience a doughnut a notch above Dunkins.

          1. re: Zeits

            Strolling by yesterday, we walked in just for the heck of it to grab a glass of wine. Had a nice time and decided to stay for (very early) supper. The food was really, really good (I had a spectacular pot roast - probably the best I've ever had - and my wife loved her snapper) and inexpensive, considering. The service was uneven - when management was around, everyone was on it. It was a little laid-back when management was not around. We enjoyed Lurcat quite a bit, and are happy to have stopped in.